2022 Team Presentation Videos


In this pandemic year, we held a low contact tournament to ensure a safe environment for our appraisers and volunteers, as well as create a safe environment for team members and team managers. Teams presented their DI Challenge solutions to the Appraisers without any spectators in the room.

To give everyone the opportunity to watch team performances as they would at a normal DI tournament, we recruited volunteers to record videos of as many team presentations as possible.

We are currently uploading the recordings, but the video files are quite large so it’s a slow process that is likely to take the better part of a week. We’ll post the videos for each Challenge here as soon as they are ready.

When the tournament was postponed to Sunday, some of the volunteers who had offered to record team presentations weren’t able to come. If your team was missed, but you have a video of their Team Challenge solution that you’d like to share with everyone, please let us know and we’ll be happy to post it on our website.

Here are the Team Challenge presentations that we recorded at the NH-DI Affiliate Tournament on March 13, 2022:

Please note that some teams have been omitted because when they registered for the tournament, they asked us not to share the video recording of their team’s presentation.