2022 Team Videos – Improvisational

Improvisational Challenge: Festival Frenzy

  Our Improvisational Challenge is all about research, spontaneity, and storytelling. Teams receive topics and quickly produce skits.

It’s time to celebrate! Each team explored festivals and told a story in two acts. What will happen on the road to adventure? Find out in this season’s Improvisational Challenge!

  • Research festivals from around the world.
  • Create and present a two-act improvisational skit about a goal a character is trying to achieve at a festival.
  • Choose between 2 options to help the character to attempt to achieve the goal.
  • Enhance the skit with a set of boxes.

Middle Level

Grantham Village School 130-64910
The 6 Babba Bouis from Grantham
Inter-Lakes 130-70883
The Fuzzy Purple Dino's from Meredith
Ross A Lurgio Middle School 130-74919
The Extra Hot Hot Chocolate team from Bedford

Secondary Level

Bedford High School  130-95278
The MindBlowers from Bedford
Milford DI 130-16429
The Twisted Wizards team from Milford
Nashua School District 130-54178
The Delusional DInos from Nashua