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Whatever Destination Imagination (DI) has helped you become, we hope that you (and now your children) are still active in the program! We encourage you to catch up on what’s happening with DI. Share some great memories, appraise at a Tournament, get involved, stay involved, and help Destination Imagination keep the creativity flowing.

Over 100,000 DI alumni come from the Granite State, and whether you were in the NH-DI program, our older NHOM program, or just find yourself in New Hampshire, we hope you will return and give back to our creative community!

“In New Hampshire, over one-third of all Appraisers are alumni who have participated on a team.”

Four Things You Can Do Today

  1. Join our NH-DI Facebook community! We’ll let you know about training events and other activities here in New Hampshire.
  2. Also be sure to join out main Facebook Program Page! All the latest and greatest news will be here.
  3. Join the Destination Imagination Alumni Association (DIAA) to learn what is happening around the world, including job opening information.
  4. Plan on becoming a Team Manager or Appraiser in your community, wherever you live today.
  5. Reconnect with us! Let us know how to reach you by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

NH-DI/NHOM Alumni Contact Form

It was 1982 when the first creative problem-solving teams met in the Granite State. Over the years, your teams have made this one of the top creativity programs in the world. Thank you for reconnecting with us!

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