Our Programs

New Hampshire Destination Imagination®

Destination Imagination (DI) is a leading-edge organization dedicated to teaching participants the essential skills of creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. DI offers a global creative problem-solving competition that begins in the fall of each year.

Elementary, middle, high school, and university students form teams that can have up to seven members. Each team will select one of the seven Team Challenges that are released each year. The team will then work together for weeks or months to develop and create a solution to the Challenge’s proposed problem, which they will present at a regional tournament.

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Camp Gottalikachallenge

Camp Gottalikachallenge is one of the oldest creativity camps in the United States. Every summer, we welcome campers from all over the world to a week of summer camp fun at a variety of sites around New Hampshire.

Our camp program is designed to empower our campers to approach life’s challenges with confidence, by honing their creative and critical thinking skills, leadership skills, problem solving abilities, and teamwork.

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