Start a Destination Imagination team!

Destination Imagination (DI) is a fun, hands-on learning experience for kids and teens that can be done at home or through your school, learning pod, micro-school, homeschool, or other alternative learning option. Joining a DI team is one of the best ways for kids to reinforce classroom curricula, and build invaluable life and social skills. Kids who like things their way come to understand how much better their ideas are with input from their teammates. And if a child hasn’t found their niche yet? No problem! DI introduces kids to a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques while solving Challenges their way.

Many New Hampshire schools and organizations sponsor Destination Imagination teams each year. We have teams from public and private schools, homeschooling groups, and youth organizations. If you think your child might enjoy DI, contact your school to ask about this! If there is an existing DI program, they can put you in touch with your local DI coordinator.

You can also contact NH-DI, and we’ll be happy to either connect you with a local program in your town if there is one, or help you set up a new DI program. It’s not difficult to do this, especially if you’re just starting and will only have one or two teams.

There are many other ways in which NH-DI can help you. Our volunteers can run an online DI information session for interested parents, or ask someone who has started a DI program at their own school to give you a call to answer any questions that you have. So why not send us a quick email, or pick up the phone and give us a call? We’d love to hear from you!

Register your Destination Imagination team

Once you have enough interested students and parents to form a team, the next step will be to register your team:

  1. Purchase a Team Number from DI’s online store
  2. Add the Team Manager(s)
  3. Enter team information in the DI Resource Area
  4. Register the team for a regional tournament

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete each of these steps in the team registration process, visit our How to Register Your Team page.

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