Try DI Introductory Sessions for Teams

Getting started with virtual team meetings is often a struggle for new Team Managers. We have composed some team meeting sessions that may be helpful for you to use.

This series of Powerpoint presentations is for remote use with teams. They are designed to give new team members a chance to see what DI is like, and to provide an opportunity for all team members to engage in team building activities before they begin the Challenge solution.

Before setting up remote meetings, it is a good idea to have a brief remote introductory session with each team member and their parent(s). This will allow the Team Manager(s) to meet each team member individually, answer any questions about the remote meeting process, and to provide a list of materials that each team member will need for the sessions. Be sure to tell them which materials are needed for Session 1 at this time (see below).

Activities, including Instant Challenges, are part of each session. These short sessions are designed to be engaging and fun. If you plan to share your screen so all can see the slides, we recommend downloading the presentation and making any edits needed beforehand. Or you can simply use the presentation as a guide and provide verbal instructions for the activities. Since some need to read to process information, it would be best to share those slides that have instructions for team members.

If technical assistance is needed to learn about Zoom or Google Meet, please let us know. We can provide some basic technical support.

Materials list

Session 1 Something round (ping pong ball size or smaller)
Piece of paper
Something sticky that will hold things together
Session 2 No materials needed for meeting
Session 3 12 inch piece of aluminum foil
50 to 100 pennies
Pan of water
Session 4 Index card
Mailing label
Rubber band

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