How to Register Your Team

Instructions for 2023-2024

This page has step-by-step instructions on how to register a New Hampshire Destination Imagination teams for their tournament. If you are a Team Manager, check with your local DI coordinator first, because many coordinators prefer to take care of some of the steps in this registration process for their teams.

There are a number of steps required to register a team:

  1. Purchase a Team Number from DI’s online store
  2. Add the Team Manager(s)
  3. Enter team information in the DI Resource Area
  4. Register the team for their assigned regional tournament

If you get stuck, or you have registration questions that are not answered here, please contact us at or 603-868-2140. We’ll be happy to help you through the registration process.

STEP 1: Purchase a Team Number

The Team Number is a unique code used to identify each team. Purchasing a Team Number will give you access to all of the DI Challenge Experience program materials, including the Team Challenges, a set of practice Instant Challenges, and Team Manager training materials.

You’ll need to order the Team Number through Destination Imagination’s online store. To place your order, follow the link that you’ll find on DI’s Start a Team page.

For the 2023-2024 season, the total price for the Team Number will be $315. This includes both DI’s $165 charge for the Team Number, and the $150 New Hampshire affiliate fee. When you place your order for the Team Number, you might also need to include a Background Check for the Team Manager (see below).

Tip: When you place your order, please enter the Organization Name correctly! This is the name of your school or organization. If you mistype the name, or fail to capitalize it correctly, the error can show up in many different places later in the season.

You can pay by credit card, mail a check, or provide a PO number from your school or organization. Once payment or a signed PO has been received, DI will send you an email with the Team Number and instructions on how to add the Team Manager(s) through the Destination Imagination Resource Area.

STEP 2: Add the Team Manager(s)

The Team Manager is the mentor and facilitator who guides the team through their creative process. Team Managers can be parents, educators, or any volunteer who is at least 18 years old. Teams may have more than one Team Manager.

When you add a Team Manager, they will receive an email that will help them to create their own DI account if they do not already have an account.

Team Managers must clear a background check before they will be allowed to download the program materials and begin working with their team. You can purchase a background check through DI for $25 by following the link on DI’s Start a Team page.

If a Team Manager has already had a background check, DI may be able to accept the results if the check was thorough enough (and recent enough) to satisfy DI’s requirements. In order to do this, your school or youth organizations can apply for a group waiver, which you’ll want to submit to DI as soon as possible because it can take 5 to 10 business days for DI to approve the request.

When you order a background check from DI, you will receive an email with the unique coupon code that each Team Manager will need to use when ordering their background check. Ask them to take care of this as soon as possible, because team materials will not be available to them until the background check is completed. The email will include a link to the instructions for this process.

Once a Team Manager has completed their background check, they will be able to download electronic copies of all of the program materials from the Destination Imagination Resource Area. They will also receive email from Adobe Captivate Prime to access the DI Learning Management System.

We strongly encourage all Team Managers to register for NH-DI’s Team Manager training workshops. The dates and locations will be posted on our Calendar of Events.

STEP 3: Enter team information in the DI Resource Area

You will need to log into the Destination Imagination Resource Area. If you are the person who placed the order for the Team Number, you should automatically be listed as the local DI coordinator for your organization. If you are a Team Manager and your DI coordinator has added you to a team, you will be able to see your team information.

To enter the team information:

  1. Go to the Teams menu and select the “my teams” menu pick.
  2. Your team(s) will be listed on the page that appears next.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to the left of the team that you need to register. This will bring you to the Team Data page.
  4. Make sure your Organization and Location are correctly listed.
  5. You may enter your Team Name now or later.
  6. When your team decides on a challenge, no later than December 15, use the drop down to select the correct challenge.
  7. Verify that Team Managers are correctly listed and that background checks are in process or approved.

TIP: Although you can add team members through the Resource Area, we don’t recommend it. As part of the process for registering the team for their regional tournament, you’ll send a Team Member Registration link to each family. They’ll use this link to enter basic information about their child, and to complete a consent form. If they happen to enter a different spelling of their name than the one you used, it can lead to a duplicate entry in the Resource Area.

STEP 4: Register for your tournament

When you register a NH team for the tournament, you will not need to send an additional payment to NH-DI, unless you have an additional charge such as a late registration fee. NH teams must register by December 15 to avoid late fees.

Local schools are usually unable to approve facilities requests until sometime after school opens in the fall, so tournament registration won’t open until NH-DI can confirm the regional tournament dates and locations.

Once NH-DI has confirmed the tournament dates and locations, and we are ready to open up regional tournament registration, we will:

  • Publish the tournament dates and locations on the NH-DI website, and add the tournaments to our Calendar of Events. We will also email local coordinators and registered Team Managers to let them know that tournament registration is open.
  • Assign the teams from each town to one of our regional tournaments. Please note that although we always try to make your drive as short as possible, we might not be able to assign your team to the closest regional tournament.

To register for your regional tournament, you’ll need to log into DI’s Register Your Team website using your DI user ID and password (the same account you used to log into the DI Resource Area).

Once tournament registration is open, you’ll see information about your assigned tournament. Click the right arrow to begin the registration process.

Review the Basic Information to be sure it is correct, and answer the registration questions.

Register Your Team will display a list of the Team Managers who have been added to the DI Resource Area. If a Team Manager isn’t listed here, they may not have been added to the Resource Area, or their background check might not have been completed yet. Once they appear in the list displayed by Register Your Team, each Team Manager will need to complete their registration form. Once they’ve done this, the message “Paperwork is complete” will appear below their name.

To add team members, click on the Add Team Members button. This will bring up a screen with a registration link. Share this link with each team member’s parent or guardian so they can fill out the Team Member Registration form to add their child to the team.

TIP: Consider hosting a Zoom meeting with team parents to have them fill out all the information together!

To add your team’s Appraiser, click on the Add Appraisers button. To add your team’s Support Volunteer, click on the Add Support Volunteers button. In each case, this will bring up a screen with a registration link that you will need to share with your Appraiser and Support Volunteer so they can register with us.