How to Register Your Team

Instructions for 2020 Tournaments

This page has step-by-step instructions on how to register Destination Imagination teams for NH-DI’s regional tournaments. If you are a Team Manager, check with your local DI coordinator first, because many coordinators prefer to take care of some or all of the registration process for their teams.

If you get stuck, or you have registration questions that are not answered here, please contact us at or 603-868-2140. We’ll be happy to help you through the registration process.

All NH teams are asked to provide an Appraiser if at all possible. This volunteer will need to spend one Saturday at one of our Appraiser training sessions, and a second Saturday at one of our regional tournaments. This should not be the Saturday of your own regional tournament if your Appraiser is the parent of a team member, because they would not be able to leave to watch their child’s performance.

If you have someone who would like to be an Appraiser, thank you! If you cannot find an Appraiser, a limited number of teams will be allowed to pay an extra fee to substitute an all-day volunteer, instead of paying the much larger No Appraiser fee. All-day volunteers will help out at your own regional tournament, and it will be possible for them to leave briefly to watch a team performance.

In addition to the Appraiser or all-day volunteer, each team must provide a volunteer to work for two hours at the team’s tournament. Most parents will already be planning to spend the entire day at the tournament, and we will make sure that your volunteer won’t have to miss the team’s performance. However, we do need one person for two hours, and not 4 people for half an hour each!

The NH-DI tournament registration fee is included when you purchase a DI Team Number. You will not have to send a separate payment to NH-DI when you register your team for their regional tournament, unless you must pay an additional fee because you registered late or didn’t supply an Appraiser. NH teams must register by December 15 to avoid late fees.

Step 1: Purchase your Team Number and the Program Materials

You will want to purchase your Team Number and the DI program materials as soon as possible. This includes the current season’s Challenges, the Rules of the Road, and the Roadmap course guide for Team Managers. This Team Number will be used throughout the season to identify your team. New Hampshire team numbers always begin with “130-” followed by a five digit number.

To purchase a Team Number, visit the Start a Team page at Destination Imagination’s international web site. Click on the link to purchase your Team Number at, which is also called the Destination Imagination Store.

You can purchase a Team Number for the Challenge Program (grades 3 and up), or for the Rising Stars program (preschool through second grade).

When you place your Team Number order, please be sure to enter the Organization Name correctly! This is the name of your school or organization. If you mistype the name, or fail to capitalize it correctly, the error is likely to show up in many different places later in the season.

You can pay by credit card, mail a check, or provide a PO number from your school or organization. Once payment or a signed PO has been received, DI will send you an email with the Team Number(s), and ship the printed program materials within a few days.

Once you have received your Team Number(s), you will be able to download electronic copies of the program materials from the Destination Imagination Resource Area.

In order to access the Resource Area, you will need to log in first. If you are the person who placed the order for the Team Number(s), you should automatically be listed as the local DI coordinator for your organization. In this case, simply log in using your ShopDI account.

Team Managers can also access the Resource Area, but they will need an account. In order to do this, the DI coordinator will need to log into the Resource Area, and add each Team Manager. This will automatically send email to help create the accounts.

Step 2: Register your teams for their regional tournament

New Hampshire teams must register for their regional tournament by December 15 to avoid late fees.

To register your teams for their regional tournament, go to NH-DI Online Registration and log in. If you do not yet have an account, click on “create a new account” to set one up.

  1. When you first log into the site, you will be asked the NH-DI Code of Conduct. Please read this, and agree to it to continue.
  2. Go to the Teams menu, and select the “register for regional” menu pick.
  3. Each of your teams will be listed on the page that appears next. If you don’t see your Team Numbers, it’s possible that we haven’t yet received the notification of your Team Number purchase (it could take a few days), or perhaps your local DI coordinator has not added you as a Team Manager. If you need help, contact us at or 603-868-2140, and we will try to resolve the problem.
  4. Click on the team that you need to register. This will bring you to the Team Summary page.

Most of the sections on the Team Summary page will be highlighted in red until you fill in the required information. As you do this, sections will turn yellow and finally green when everything is completed.

You do not have to enter all of the information at once! You can come back to this page as often as you need to with updated information.

You will see a wizard bar near the top of the page to guide you through the steps required to register your team. The wizard bar looks like this:

  • Summary
  • Vital Info
  • Youth Protection
  • Team Adults
  • Team Kids
  • Appraiser/Volunteer
  • Confirm

You can navigate to any registration step (such as the Summary) by clicking on the wizard bar.

Vital Info: Enter your team’s Challenge and any special needs

Please make a note of your team’s assigned regional tournament, which will be shown on this page. Every town in New Hampshire has been assigned to a regional tournament. You can see the complete list on our Regional Assignments page.

You will need to enter the following information:

  1. If your team has a team name, you can enter it here.
  2. Select the Challenge from the drop down. It will read “not set” until you do this.
  3. If your team is non-competitive, clear the Competitive check box to let us know about this.
  4. Click on the “add tournament request” link if there is anything special that we should to know in order to schedule your team. It’s especially important for you to let us know about:
    • Any team member with special needs. Indicate what accommodations they might require.
    • Team member who is on more than one team./li>
    • Team Manager with more than one team.
  5. When finished, click on the Next button to go to the next page.

Youth Protection: Tell us how your organization wants to screen Team Managers

Destination Imagination’s new Youth Protection Policy requires all Team Managers to undergo a background check. There is more than one way a team can comply with this requirement. The local DI coordinator must specify the method that will be used for each team:

  1. Organization Vetted: The organization sponsoring the team asserts that the team managers have already gone through, or will go through, a background check.
  2. Conduct Background Checks: The coordinator can ask NH-DI to arrange for a background check. In this case, the Team Managers will receive an email from us to start the background check process. If a Team Manager has a current background check that the organization that requested the screening can share with us, that will work too.

If you are the Team Manager, you will not be able to modify this setting. If the information is incorrect, you will need to contact your local DI coordinator to ask them to change it.

Team Kids: Enter team member names and grades/ages

  1. Select either grade or age to indicate which method will be used to determine the team’s competition level.
  2. For each student, enter First Name, Last Name, Gender, either Grade or Birthday (10-sep-1995 format), and finally Add Kid.
  3. When finished, click Next to go on.

Team Adults: Enter Team Manager(s)

  1. You can find anyone already registered on the NH-DI site by clicking on the Add button, and filling in any or all of the requested information. You can use a * when you are unsure of the spelling of a name. For example, typing in SMI* will enable you to find Smith and Smithe—the names that begin with SMI. When you find your team manager, click on the green check mark to the left of their information to add them to the team.
  2. If you need to add someone to our database, click on the Add New Account button. In order to prevent duplicate entries, please do this only if you are certain that this person is not already set up on the site.
  3. When finished, click Next to go to the next page.

Appraiser/Volunteer: Enter your team’s Appraiser or All-Day Volunteer

Each team must choose one of the following options:

  1. Provide an Appraiser, who will need to attend a Saturday training session, and then appraise teams at one of our regional tournaments. There will be no additional fee if you provide an Appraiser. [Click here for more information about what an Appraiser does]
  2. Provide an All-Day Volunteer to help out at your regional tournament. There will be an additional fee, and we can only offer this option to a limited number of teams at each tournament.
  3. Pay the No Appraiser fee.

Enter your team’s choice on the Appraiser/Volunteer page. If you supply an Appraiser or All-Day Volunteer:

  1. Enter all of their contact information.
  2. Even though you will have already discussed this with your Appraiser or Volunteer, we strongly recommend that you send an email request to them by clicking on the Email button. This will send an email message indicating the steps that they must take to confirm their willingness to support your team, and instructions on how to complete their registration as an Appraiser or Volunteer. Click on the View Email button if you would like to see the contents of this email message.
  3. Your Appraiser will need to go to the NH-DI Online site to register. An Appraiser can register to appraise before or after you register the team. However, the Appraiser/Volunteer status for your team will remain unconfirmed until they have confirmed that they are willing to do this for your team.
  4. This is what your Appraiser will see:
    • If they do not have an account, they’ll need to create one.
    • The first thing they’ll see is the NH-DI Code of Conduct, which they will need to read and agree to in order to continue.
    • Next, they should go to the Appraisers menu and select “offer to appraise.” There will be another wizard bar to list the steps required to complete this process.
    • Finally, they should select your team number (the 130-xxxxx number listed on the “register my teams” page) to agree to be the designated Appraiser for your team.
  5. If your Appraiser is already registered with NH-DI but is not already a designated appraiser, you can find them by filling in any or all of the requested information and then clicking Find. When you find your appraiser, click on the green check mark to the left of their information to add them to the team. Then click on Email Appraiser to send a message letting them know that they’ve been nominated and that they need to go to the online site to offer to appraise.

Confirm: Make your payment

In this section, you’ll need to indicate the person responsible for payment. If you are that person, once you’ve filled in all of the required information for the team, you can click the Set Charges button to calculate the total charges for your team. The charges will then appear in your account.

Click the Make Payment link to go to your account, where you can make a payment. The team charges will only show up in your account if (a) you are the responsible person, and (b) the Set Charges button has been pressed.

You can review your account balance at any time by clicking on the “personal-info” tab that appears at the top of every page. This will bring up the “Select Function” page, which will include your current account balance. To see more detail, click on the “view my account” link. This will display all of your charges and payments for the current program year.

  • If you need a printed statement, click on the Print Statement button.
  • To make a payment, click on the Make Payment button. You can pay by credit card, check, or PO.