Personalized Certificates

Certificate_Sample_2016On this page, we have electronic certificates that you can personalize and print for your DI team. These certificates make it easy to give each team member a certificate with their name printed on it. You could also include the name that the team chose for themselves, the character that each team member played in the team’s skit, etc.

Most of these certificates are editable PDF forms that you can download from this web site. To print the certificates, you’ll need a computer, a color printer, and a program that can open and print PDF files, such as Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is already installed on most computers. If you need to install or upgrade it, you can download Adobe Reader for free from Adobe’s web site.

To print your team’s certificates, download the file that you’ll find on this page. Open the downloaded file using Adobe Reader or a similar program (for PDF files), or Microsoft Word (for DOCX files). You can then edit the text to personalize each certificate, and print the finished certificate.

Participation Certificates

Special Awards

We also have editable certificates for those who received a DaVinci, Renaissance, Spirit of Discovery and Imagination, or Torchbearer award. All of these certificates are Microsoft Word DOCX files.