Guide to Raw Scores and Stickies for Team Managers

What are Stickies?

The appraisers jot down notes about your team’s performance about things that they enjoyed. As a Team Manager, these are typically great to share with your kids as the stickies validate all the work your kids have done. Teams often spend much more time reviewing stickies than the raw scores.

What are Raw Scores?

Raw Scores are a step along the path to creating the final scaled scores that are used to determine the ranking of the teams. We call them raw because they are close to the actual scores issued by the Appraisers. For an objective score item (such as 10 points if the dinosaur’s eye blinked), the score indicates whether your team got credit for completing that task. For subjective scores where the Appraisers are asked for their opinion on the team’s work, the raw score is an average of the Appraisers’ scores. For any subjective score, at least two Appraisers will offer their opinion (frequently we have more than two Appraisers scoring such items).

The raw scores also include any deductions the team may have received. Deductions are issued for Interference or not following a procedure outlined in the Challenge. The raw scores will include the number of points your team lost and a brief explanation of why.

Note: Don’t read too much into a team’s subjective scores. Each Appraiser sets their own scale that they apply to all the teams in your competition level and Challenge. Your team might have received half of the possible points for an item, and you may think they deserved more. At the same time, this might be the highest raw score for this item for the day!

For some suggestions on how to share the raw scores with your team, and help them figure out what the scores might imply about their solution, please click here.

Asking questions about your Raw Scores?

Questions typically are of two varieties:

  1. I don’t understand how the scoring works.

    A place to turn here is Rules of the Road. Section XIV (SCORING) gives an in-depth description of the scoring process.

  2. I don’t agree with the score given.
  3. For objective scores or deductions, you can ask the appraisal team for a more detailed explanation using the process below. The scores for subjective items are only open to appeal if your team received no points and you can point out where the item was included. Beyond that they are an average of appraiser’s opinion and not subject to appeal.

The Score Appeal Process

Your team can appeal a score by using the Resource Area messaging mechanism you used to complete the prep process for your team. To do this:

  1. Log into the DIHQ Resource Area using one of team manager accounts.
  2. Pick teams=>my tournaments.
  3. For the team and tournament in question, click on the cellphone icon in the tc msgs column.
  4. Describe your issue in the message area—reference a scoring item using the item short name such as A3.

Appeals Process Schedule

  • Raw Scores and Stickies email sent to Team Managers: Monday March 29.
  • Deadline for submitting an appeal: Wednesday, March 31.