Team Manager Training is coming November 20!  While not in-person this year, we think you’ll find some useful options below in our menu of virtual sessions. Sessions will run about one hour each and are open to any and all Team Managers and Coordinators.

9:00 AM Rising Stars Team Manager Training This is a “can’t miss” session for all new Rising Stars Team Managers! Learn about our youngest participants’ developmental needs. We’ll also go over how to use Creative Problem Solving tools with your team, practice activities that meet your team’s needs, and take a close look at this year’s Rising Stars challenge, Monster Manners. Click here to register.

10:15 AM New Team Manager Training Learn (or review) DI program basics, including the creative process, creative problem solving tools, avoiding interference, and more. Register here.

11:30 AM Team Building  One of the first things successful teams do is work on team building – before just about anything else! Learn (or review) some tried and true tricks to facilitate team building with your team members. Sign up here.

1:00 PM Creating a Team Calendar/Timeline   Even experienced teams need to create a team calendar every season! Learn some easy ways to get your team thinking about everything that needs to be done to avoid (or reduce) last minute frenzy. Click here to sign up.

2:15 PM Tackle the Challenge   Have you read the challenge and thought “how in the world are they going to do that?”  Learn how to help your team understand their challenge so they can create their own unique solution. Click here to register.

3:30 PM Instant Challenge   We saved the fun for last! Pick up some tips and tricks to make your team love Instant Challenge! Register here.