2012tm_cafe1_sticky3_involved_SMALL TEAM MANAGERS – New, Veteran and Rising Stars! Team Managers are encouraged – nay – HIGHLY encouraged to help their teams by attending the all new Team Manager Cafe Training Workshop on Saturday, November 21st at Merrimack Valley Middle School in Penacook.

New Team Managers (who were not at the new Team Manager cafe) can catch up on a special session while those who were at the earlier training can join the Veteran Team Managers in selecting special sessions that meet your team’s need. There will be time for the new TMs to join as well. Rising Stars! Team Managers have special sessions geared to their non-competitive Challenge.

From Challenge specific questions to improving teamwork, Instant Challenge strategies, and understanding what the appraisers will be looking for makes this a great day to be in Penacook! We will also have our NH-DI concessions available that have materials that will help you, regardless your team’s challenges!

Registration is required – and so we can have enough hand-outs, we request registration by the 14th.