training_akTraining sessions are one of the best things you can do for your Destination Imagination team – and it’s time to register for Team Manager training events:

NEW TEAM MANAGER TRAINING is a day of hands-on learning for new Team Managers. From team-building to learning how to let the team learn to drive to a successful solution (as well as the rules) are covered. Click for details and registration. (Saturday, October 31, 2015).

 TEAM MANAGER CAFE is a day for new, veteran and Rising Stars Team Managers. New Team Managers who attend the New Team Manager training can join the veteran Team Managers in choosing the sessions they find most valuable. It’s a day of learning, but also learning from the community of Team Managers from around the state! Click for details and registration.  (Saturday, November 21, 2015).

And you don’t have to tell the kids how much fun it is! They’ll know how useful it is!

Team building exercise from last year's Appraiser Training,

Team building exercises from recent TM training events.