2013-newbie-smallAre you a new Team Manager? Not entirely sure what the job involves? We can show you all the ropes on Saturday, October 31 at our Newbie Workshop for new Team Managers in Concord!

This October training workshop will also have a very special guest. Johnny Wells, the Director of Education for all of DI, will be coming to help us. Johnny is a wonderful presenter, so this is an event that you really do not want to miss!

If you haven’t signed up yet, please do this right away before you forget! To ensure that we have enough space and materials for everyone, we would like you to register by Friday, October 24.

If you miss this deadline, we will do our best to accommodate late registrations. However, if the workshop fills up, we may need to close registration, and then you would have to wait until we repeat our Newbie training at the Team Managers’ Café on Saturday, November 21.