Getting Meatier Media

The media can be your friend, but you have to reach out to them. Let them know that your student team has qualified to compete at an International creativity competition and have to raise nearly $10,000 to compete with some of the best creative problem solving teams from 18 countries – next month! 

Need to Know:

  1. They need to know about great things in their community, but there is a lot of noise and they work crazy long hours.  Respect their time.
  2. The easier you can make it for them, especially with prepared content and photos, the easier it is for them to cover you.
  3. Let them know in a simple email when and where your major fundraisers are. Let them know which the big ones are and invite them to the biggies.
  4. More than 80% of people get local community news from social media as well. If they can share your info on their social handles, that is super, but be sure to monitor the posts for comments, if you can.

What you can do now to help.

  1. Make sure your profile has been updated (the media form) at:
  2. Contact the local reporters, but know your story.
    1. Share the NH-DI Press Kit and logos if needed:
    2. Share your team photo taken from States:
  3. Use the press release below for upcoming events.
  4. Share your fundraisers on the NH-DI Facebook page (


Know your short story. Like knowing an elevator pitch, be able to explain the opportunity and the need briefly. Some of that can come from the press release below:


Press release example (which can be emailed)

{Location} Students Fundraising for Global Competition

Contact: (Name, email and phone number of contact)

The {school/area name} Destination Imagination team has advanced to compete with teams from around the U.S. and 18 countries at Destination Imagination Global Finals.

“Quote from a Team Manager or school official” {For example, “We are very proud of the team. They beat our hundreds of teams in competition, and now they are fundraising to represent our community and our State”, according to {name}, the {title}.

Destination Imagination is a challenge-based learning program that uses science, technology, the arts, math, engineering and social learning to prepare the next generation of innovators with creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills – and confidence.

{Quote from one or two team members}.

This year, over 200,000 students in over 30 countries have taken part in Destination Imagination. Over 3,000 students in New Hampshire competed this year.

Destination Imagination Global Finals will be held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville from May 21 through 24th.  More information is available at {your web site}, and

You can contact the team at: {email and/or phone}