20131112What_Appraisers_TMCafeDid you ever wonder what Appraisers look for when they evaluate your team’s creativity at tournament? Well, do WE have a Workshop for YOU!

At Saturday’s Team Manager cafe,  we are presenting a workshop on creativity for our Veteran Team Managers (TMs). We will share with you the same information we are giving to our Appraisers on how to evaluate creativity. We have a new set of creativity guidelines this year, and we would love to share them. Then you can have a GREAT discussion with your teams on what it means to have a creative solution and be their best creative selves!

The workshop will be VERY similar to the training we are giving our Appraisers. We are so excited about it that we scheduled it as the ONLY workshop in the particular time slot during the training day because we think it’s vital knowledge for you to share with your teams!  (Please note that you must come to CAFE if you want to find out about the new rubrics, as we are not releasing them without the presentation that accompanies the discussion.)20090300_nashreg09app_glasses400
You can still register on our online site if you haven’t done so yet. For more information, click here.