Creating Colors Workshop

This multipart workshop from our NH-DI Roundup newsletter is all about color:

  • How our eyes make it possible for us to see in color.
  • How new colors can be created by combining light sources, or mixing paints and dyes together.
  • The different ways in which animals (and some people) see color.

Part 1: Light up the World!

Learn about the nature of light and how our eyes perceive color, and use this knowledge to make a secret message decoder using colored cellophane or tissue paper.

Part 2: Mixing Things Up!

Learn how to mix paint and food coloring to create new colors of your own choosing.

Part 3: Cones, Colors, Curves, and Afterimages!

Lots more about how our eyes really work, with instructions on how to create your afterimage illusions.

Part 4: Can You See What I See?

Many animals can see colors that humans can’t detect. Find out what the world might look like to a dog, and learn more about color blindness.

This workshop was created by NH-DI volunteer Craig Richardson. You can find more activities and workshops on our Online Workshops page and in our NH-DI Roundup newsletter.