Creepy-Crawly Bridge


A large swarm of ants has asked your team to help them to cross a river. You’re very surprised when you discover that the ants can talk. However, you decide that it would be very cool to have some talking ants as your friends, and agree to help.

Your TASK is to construct a set of bridges that the ants can use to cross the river area that is marked on the floor.


You will have up to 2 minutes for planning, then up to 5 minutes to construct your bridges.


On the floor, there are two taped lines that are spaced 6 feet apart. These lines are the shores of the river.

On the table, there are two yardsticks and a sheet of newspaper.


  • There are thousands of ants! To help them cross quickly, you’ll need to build as many bridges as possible, using the yardsticks and sheet of newspaper.
  • The river is very deep. The members of your team must stand along either shore of the river. Don’t step over the taped lines, because you’ll fall into the river!
  • The river seems calm, so the bridges can float on top of the water.
  • The ants are very small, and won’t be able to cross any gaps in the bridges.


You will receive:

  1. 20 points if you can create at least one bridge across the river.
  2. 10 points for each additional bridge you construct, up to a maximum of 60 points.
  3. Up to 20 points for the creativity of your bridges.
  4. Up to 20 points for how well your team works together.