Ice Cream Party Celebration

Every DI team should take some time out once in the while for a celebration, whether it’s to kick off the start of a new DI season, to mark the completion of an important task, or to hold an end-of-season party to have fun and remember all of the things they’ve accomplished over the course of the year.

What could be better than an ice cream party? Well, how about an ice cream party that features some fun dessert-themed Instant Challenges?

Ice Cream Instant Challenge #1

In this video, New Hampshire Destination Imagination’s Dan Whitney presents the first of our two Ice Cream Party Instant Challenges.

You’ll need a can of whipped cream, plastic spoons, and a cherry (you can substitute a nut or gumdrop if your team doesn’t like cherries).

Ice Cream Instant Challenge #2

Dan is back to present the second of our two Ice Cream Party Instant Challenges.

For this IC, you’ll need a selection of ice cream toppings and paper plates.

Here is the team from Grantham shown at the top of this page working on their whipped cream tower, and the dragon that they made using ice cream toppings:

Have fun!