Until February 15th, Destination Imagination accepts and publishes Clarifications to Challenges (except for the early learning Rising Stars! challenge). These Clarifications supersede the rules, so check them out frequently. They can be found on our CHALLENGE PAGE. Just scroll down, look at your Challenge, and click the Clarification Link for the latest updates! (NOTE: Not all Challenges may have clarifications).

Teams may also ask for Clarifications, and they may be public (where the outcome is posted for all teams), or if it is specific to your team, a private Team Clarification.

You can request a Clarification by clicking on the link that you will find on the Clarifications page for your Challenge, but you will need to submit your request by February 15th.

For general questions about your Challenge, you can also contact your Affiliate Challenge Master (ACM). The ACM list is available on our About Us page. Just scroll down and email the individual for your Challenge.

For more general Clarification information on the Destination Imagination web site, click here.