Stuck at home because of coronavirus? We know many of you have been on the lookout for fun educational activities that kids can safely work on at home, and New Hampshire Destination Imagination can help! We’d like to share with you some of the activities that our volunteers have created, along with some of the best sites we’ve found on the Internet.

NH-DI is publishing a newsletter for families, which will be full of educational resources and inspiration during this challenging time.

The activities published in our newsletter will vary quite a bit, and they might take the form of an instant challenge, a mini-lesson, an experiment, an art project, or a game. We’ll also include a curated list of cool activities, performances, and more.

Available Issues of the NH-DI Roundup

NH-DI Roundup (December 2020)
Balloon Flinker, Build a Spinning Top, Design a Dome, Design a Shoe, Waterproof the Roof.
NH-DI Roundup (November 2020)
Connecting Pieces of Cardboard, Design a Better Pinwheel, Sorting Solutions, Tape Dispenser Challenge, Build a Candy Dispenser, Make Your Own Glue
NH-DI Roundup (October 2020)
Costumes, PBS Learning Media, SciGirls, Knowitall, Discover Engineering, Safe Landing, Windy City Tower, Keep a Cube, Build a Boomerang, Flight Test, Sorting Machine, Candy Corn Cauldron, Apple Tower, 10 STEAM Activities
NH-DI Roundup (September 2020)
Bending and Folding Cardboard, Weather Wiz Kids, Big Brain Challenge, Rubik's Cube, Carnegie STEM Girls, Liquid & Magnets, Magic Balloon, Recycled Necklace, DIY Fossilization, Geodesic Domes, Global Finals 2020 WInners, Light Painting, Ice Cream in a Bag, Edible Cookie Dough, Friendship Bracelets, Backpack Hack.
NH-DI Roundup (August 2020)
Sculpting and Carving Cardboard, STEM-Works, Tynker, How It's Made, Scratch, Sally Ride Science, Bubble Making, Shadow Puppets, Star Wars Shadow Art, Marshmallow Slingshot, Build a Galaxy, WIndsocks, Penny Passage IC, Card Tower Challenge, Tiny Rooms, Clapping Game, Karate, Floral Arrays, DIY Planters, Throw a Frisbee.
NH-DI Roundup (July 2020)
Cardboard Cutting Tools, 5 New Missions, Kids Should See This, OK Go Sandbox, StoryCity, Museum of Science & Industry, NOVA Education, NOVA Labs, Kites, Hula-Hoop Observation, Straw Pan Flutes, Straw Rockets, Kaleidoscope, Wood Bending Bracelet, Virtual Instant Challenges, Floral Arrays, DIY Planters, Frisbee 101, Hydro Dipping
NH-DI Roundup (June 8, 2020)
Origami, Missions of the Week, Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom, The Henry Ford, Beam Anywhere, Toontastic 3D, Invented Character Profiles, Create a Story Box, Electrical Fleas, Many Types of Mucus
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (June 1, 2020)
Chalk Comic Challenge, Missions of the Week, Bottled Music, Pop-Up Landscape, Tissue Paper Parachute, Candle Carousel, Balloon-Powered Car, Virtual Instant Challenge: Take a Hike, Peanut Butter Cups, Magazine Poetry
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (May 25, 2020)
Paper and Cardboard Part 1, Five New Missions, Nature Study, Bug House, DIY Nature Paint Brushes, Make a Coin Disappear, Transform Photos in the Style of Famous Artists, Marshmallow Catapult, Virtual IC: Unexpected Mishaps, Tie Dye, Juggling Tutorial, Zentangle
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (May 18, 2020)
History of Flight, Five New Missions, TEDEd, Wide Open School, Space Foundation, Buoyancy, PBS Move Soundtrack, How Sailboats Stay Upright, Why Fruit Turns Brown, Origami Cube, Virtual IC: Objects Are Larger Than They AppearHistory of Flight, Five New Missions, TEDEd, Wide Open School, Space Foundation, Buoyancy, PBS Move Soundtrack, How Sailboats Stay Upright, Why Fruit Turns Brown, Origami Cube, Virtual IC: Objects Are Larger Than They Appear
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (May 11, 2020)
6 New Missions, Secret Codes (Part 4), Earth School, Amazon Future Engineer, Craft in America, American Museum of Natural History, Solar Oven, Draw Floor Plan, Egg in a Bottle, Volleyball Machine, Instant Challenge: Bridge the Gap, Virtual Instant Challenge: Copy That
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (May 4, 2020)
5 Missions, Creating Colors (part 4), PBS Southern California, 6,000 Historical Children's Books, BrainVentures, Girls Who Code, Lava Lamps, Wax Resist, Light Refraction, Bounce an Egg, Shape Up (Instant Challenge), Virtual Instant Challenge: Crack The Code
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (April 27, 2020)
Masks, Creating Colors (part 3), StoryCorps, National Geographic, California Academy of Sciences, TeachRock, MoMA, Toilet Paper Rolls, Magic Milk, Juice Box Balloon Car, Bouncy Ball, Art with Shadows, Scavenger Hunt, Virtual IC: Keep My Boat Afloat
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (April 20, 2020)
Creating Color (part 2), Secret Codes (Part 3), Magic Tricks, Peabody Essex Museum, Finish This Comic, Make a Sundial, Sound Effects, Paper Airplanes, Spiders and Witches, Caught in the Act, Virtual Instant Challenge: Object Removal, Google Arts & Culture, Learn at Home with Scholastic, NY Department of Education, Mystery Science
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (April 13, 2020)
Creating Color (part 1), Secret Codes (episode 2), Rube Goldberg of Soap, Getty Artworks Recreated, Camp Hello Bello, Elephant Toothpaste, Paper Horses That Walk, Cloud in a Jar, Stop Motion Video, 826 Digital, How Stuff Works, Instructables
NH-DI Weekly Roundup (April 6, 2020)
Secret Codes (episode 1), Hot Ice, Shadow Puppets, Rubberband Helicopters, DI STEAM Challenges, Lunch Doodles, New England Aquarium, Dr. Universe, Exploratorium, Hour of Code.