NH-DI Roundup (December 2020)

Hello everyone!

Here is this month’s issue of NH-DI’s Roundup. We hope it continues to provide you with resources and inspiration! To view previous issues, head here.

Remote Training Workshops

The 2020-21 DI season will be very different because of the need for social distancing! To help out, NH-DI is running remote training workshops for both Team Managers and team members. For more details, watch for the emails we’ve been sending to registered Team Managers and local DI coordinators.

You’ll need to register in advance for these online events, and we’ll post each training session on our Calendar of Events when we’re ready for you to sign up:


Registration is already open for a number of workshops! We’ll have sessions for team members on how to work together effectively, time management, image and video editing, and animation. Team Managers can learn how to help their team understand the Challenge and Rules of the Road, and how to create and submit the required paperwork.

Registration Reminder

If you haven’t completed your team registration yet, please don’t put it off, because NH-DI needs this information in order to properly plan for our virtual tournaments! You’ll find a step-by-step guide for this process here:


Some STEAM activities to try

Balloon Flinker
Students learn about gravity, air pressure, and equilibrium as they make a helium balloon with a cup dangling from it “flink”–neither float away nor sink to the ground.

Build a Spinning Top
Momentum and the gyroscopic effect are key concepts as participants design and build a top that remains stable and spinning for as long as possible.

Design a Dome
Teams select from materials provided to design and build a 12-inch domed structure that can support 60 pennies in a paper cup. Participants consider properties of materials and the benefits of the dome shape in architectural design.

Design a Shoe
Teams consider properties of materials as well as human anatomy as they design and create a pair of shoes that is stylish and holds up when worn around an obstacle course.

Waterproof the Roof
Participants consider the properties of different building materials as they design and create a roof that will keep a cardboard house from getting wet. They also learn about absorption, wicking, and roof shapes and angles best suited to a given climate.

Share what you’ve created!

Were you inspired by any of the activities or resources in NH-DI’s Roundup? What did you build or create? We encourage you, with a parent or guardian’s help and permission, to share your creations on our Facebook or Instagram pages! (Just add your photo as a comment on our newsletter post!)

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That’s all for this issue, but we look forward to sending you more soon! And as always, if you have ideas for NH-DI’s Roundup, email Emily Richardson at emily.richardson@nh-di.org.

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