NH-DI Roundup (September 2020)

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Here is this month’s issue of NH-DI’s Roundup. We hope it continues to provide you with resources and inspiration! To view previous issues, head here.

Paper and Cardboard: Part 5

In Part 5 of our series on paper and cardboard, we’ll show you how to cleanly bend and fold corrugated cardboard, and why it’s important to understand what’s inside each sheet.

In case you missed them, here are links to the earlier NH-DI Roundup issues that included Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of this series. Thanks to NH-DI volunteer Craig Richardson for developing this series!

Some websites we recommend

Weather Wiz Kids
Meteorologist Crystal Wicker’s website explains everything about the weather and natural disasters! There is even a page full of hands-on activities to try.

The Big Brain Challenge
This Discovery Channel show features competitors who have just 30 minutes to come up with a solution to a seemingly impossible engineering challenge. Power an elevator using a waterfall? Create a machine that can prepare a meal? Safely stop a speeding car? Tune in to see how these challenges unfold! There are several free episodes on their website that you can watch without an account.

Master the Rubik’s Cube
Invented by Professor Erno Rubik as a model of 3D geometry and design, the Rubik’s Cube may seem impossible to solve. But this site will guide you through how to solve it! Once you’ve mastered solving the Cube, we recommend checking out the incredible mosaics that can be created with Rubik’s Cubes!

Carnegie STEM Girls
This is a comprehensive site with activities, resources, and links designed to get teenagers excited about STEM. There are areas for students, teachers, and parents. Visitors can read about cool careers, learn about STEM programs and competitions, and link to a variety of other sites that help to provide a rich learning experience. They also have a bunch of STEM activities!

Some STEAM activities to try

Liquid & Magnets Experiment
During this experiment, you are testing to see how different liquids impact magnetic attraction.

Magic Balloon
Create a balloon that inflates on its own.

Recycled Jewelry Necklace
Create your own necklace out of recycled magazines.

DIY Fossilization
Create your own fossils to study and explore.

Geodesic Domes
You can make orbs and domes out of just paper! They’ll look cool, and they’re a way to learn geometry.

From our friends at DI headquarters

Winning Solutions from Global Finals 2020

We definitely recommend that you check out the winning Virtual Team Challenge solutions from Destination Imagination Global Finals 2020: Summer of Creativity. Click here for our gallery of YouTube videos from Global Finals 2020.

From our friends at Camp Gottalikachallenge

Light Painting with Josh on Instagram and YouTube
Ice Cream in a Bag with Mindy on Instagram and YouTube
Edible Cookie Dough with Mitchel on Instagram and YouTube
Friendship Bracelets with Sophia on Instagram and YouTube
Backpack Hack with Nate on Instagram and YouTube

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