2015-2016 T-Shirts, Pins, and Tassels

Do you need T-shirts for your team members and Team Managers to wear at the tournament? Would you like to give out Challenge pins as a memento of the season? Do you have any graduating high school seniors? If so, we can help! But you’ll need to act quickly, because all orders for t-shirts and pins must be received by February 6, 2016.

Team T-Shirts

NH-DI Team T-Shirt DesignMost participating schools and organizations order special T-shirts for their team members and Team Managers to wear at the tournament. If you are the person responsible for ordering the T-shirts, you’ll find that they are readily available, both online and from local vendors. However, there is often a setup charge, which can make small orders expensive, and you would also need to find someone to create the artwork.

Many schools order their T-shirts from NH-DI instead. We will take care of everything, including having any text you’d like printed on the back, and ship the shirts directly to you. The fronts of the shirts will be printed with the design shown here.

Challenge Pins

We also have 2015-2016 Challenge Pins, which can be a very nice memento for both team members and Team Managers.

Graduation Tassels

2014_tassel_orig02If you have seniors on your team who will be graduating this year, you might also be interested in our NH-DI Graduation Tassels, which they can attach to their mortarboard at graduation.

How to Order

T-shirt and pin orders will be taken until February 6, 2016. To place your order, go to nh-di.org/online, and log into your NH-DI online account. Select “stuff for sale” under the Teams menu, which will take you to the My Sales page. Here you will see a list of the types of items on sale, which will include the t-shirts, pins, and graduation tassels. Click on the icon next to the type of item that you wish to order.

The Add Order page will then appear, and you’ll be able to add items to your order by clicking on the icon to the left of each item. If you’re ordering shirts, please be sure to read the instructions on the right hand side of the page, which explain how to specify shirt sizes, backprinting, etc.

When you’re finished with your order, click on the Confirm Order button to submit it. The order will then be charged to your NH-DI account. To pay for your t-shirts and pins, select “make payment” under the My Account menu.