2015 NH State Tournament

When: Saturday, March 28, 2015
Where: Winnacunnet High School, Hampton NH (click here for directions)
Tournament Director: Craig Richardson (craig.richardson@nh-di.org)

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Building opens: 6:45 AM
Appraiser Check-In: 6:45 AM in the Appraisers Room
Team Manager Check-In: 7:00 AM in hallway outside Auditorium
Deliver items for the Cake Walk: 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM (room TBA)
Line up for Banner Parade: 7:30 AM in hallway outside Auditorium
Structure Weigh-In: 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Opening Ceremonies: 7:45 AM to 8:15 AM in Auditorium
Presentations begin: 8:30 AM
Elementary Awards: Approximately 6:00 PM in Auditorium
Middle/Secondary Awards: Approximately 7:00 PM in Auditorium

We expect to have more than 110 teams at our state tournament from all over New Hampshire. The highest scoring teams will advance to compete with over 1,300 other teams from around the world at Destination Imagination Global Finals.

Please try to check this page on a regular basis for schedule updates and other important announcements. This is also where we’ll post the tournament results, and photos taken during the tournament.


March 25, 2015

The two-hour volunteer schedule is now available. Please take a look at this to find your team’s assignment, and ask your volunteer to check in at the specified location a few minutes before they’re scheduled to start. We will check them off on the volunteer schedule that will be posted at each location, and send them to their assigned job.

Volunteers must check in first! They should not go directly to the job shown in the schedule. This is because we might need to reassign your volunteer to a different area if our needs change during the day.

We also have a downloadable tournament map for those of you who would like to see where the performance sites will be located.

And finally, we have revision 3 of the preliminary tournament schedule:

  • Interactive schedule that is designed to be read online. This version of the schedule allows you to filter and sort the list of teams in various ways.
  • Printer-friendly schedule similar to the one that we’ll hand out at the tournament.

The only change is that I’ve added a team to the printer-friendly version of the schedule. The university level Improv Games team from SNHU will be showcased at our tournament. I’m sure many of you will be interested in seeing their performance!

Remember: Even though the schedule is unlikely to change again, the only final schedule will be the one published on the day of the tournament!

Team Managers: Please read the State Tournament Survival Guide! It’s not very long, because there are only a few things that will be different for the state tournament. However, we really do think that you will want to read this, because there are some big changes this year. Volunteer assignments will be handled in a new and different way, you won’t need to recruit an Appraiser, and you won’t have to register your team for the State Tournament.

Coming to State Finals? Please share your photos with us!
Please share your tournament photos with us on Facebook or Twitter.
Please tag Twitter and Instagram photos with #IDODI #NH hashtags.
Please ask your parents permission first.