Regional 2012: Monadnock RHS, E. Swanzey

Regional Director: Dan Whitney

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Welcome Note from Dan

FIRST 2012 NH-DI Swanzey Tournament Managers Note

Hello, my name is Dan Whitney and I am the Regional Director for our tournament this year.  Just to be sure we are all on the same page, the Tournament will be on Saturday, march 17, with a snow date of March 18.  Be advised, we have used the snow day in the past.  I hope we never have to do so again!

I will be attaching separate pages beneath this part of the note.  There will be one General Information note for all Managers, Returning Veterans as well as New Managers, to give you some of the overviews by Challenge.

The easiest way to reach me over the next few weeks is at or at 899-5637.

My expectation is to have a Preliminary Schedule available for this weekend or early next week.

The notes below will be specific by Challenge, a few notes about where each Challenge will perform in the building, and then anything else I think you need to know early on.

Teams can ask to be able to sell food at the meet as a fundraiser.  The things that you can not sell are: Pizza, Water, & Soda as NH-DI takes care of that.  If you want to do so, you need to let me know so I can go over the details with Jerry Kuhn at Mondanock so we can keep track of things.   You must get back to me by Friday February 10th.  At that point, I will open it up to the groups at Monadnock Regional High who are kind enough to host us each year.

More details to follow and please open on the notes specific to your challenge and since so many of you are back for another year and would think I was sick if I did not mention it, there are 46 days left until the Swanzey Regional!

Thanks so much for doing this for us and for them!

Dan Whitney

Regional Director – NH-DI


More Information

First Preliminary Info 27-February-2012

HOLD IT!  First Note

  • Just a couple of simple points so far:
  • This Challenge will take place in the Library.
  • The challenge will not begin until at least 10:00 so that the weigh in room can take care of the structures before that point.

Coming Attractions – First Note

Just a couple of simple points so far:

  • This Challenge will take place in the Glass Annex just off the Cafeteria.
  • The teams will work with the Prep Appraiser by the doors near the Auditorium and enter the room from there and go out by their own set of doors.  The audience will enter and leave by doors at the other end of the room so the teams can get in and out as easily as possible.

Assembly Required – First Note

Just a couple of simple points so far:

  • This Challenge will take place in the Gym.
  • Due to the detailing involved in the challenge, there will be 25 minute blocks per team.  This will have no effect upon the amount of time per team, but it is so you will know you will not be rushed through.

News to Me – First Note

Just a couple of simple points so far:

  • This Challenge will take place in the Auditorium.
  • All teams will perform the team Challenge Solutions in the MORNING.

Solar Stage  – First Note

Just a couple of simple points so far:

  • This Challenge will take place in the Auditorium.
  • Team Challenge Times for this challenge will not begin until just before NOON and run through the afternoon.
  • It was the best possible option to allow for the darkness required for this challenge.  Details will follow but there will be glow in the dark tape as a “DO NOT PASS” Line on the stage for the sake of safety.

Rising Stars: Built To Last – First 2012 Note

There are a few points we are sure of right now:

  • This Challenge will take place in the Graphics Room. It is just beyond the Music Room.
    There will be signs to guide you there. All of your teams will perform their Team Challenge Solution (Performance)
    somewhere between 9:30 and 10:50 AM. As soon as the performance is over and the Appraisers have talked with the team and people have taken the pictures and all, the team will go directly down to the Instant Challenge Corridor for the teams Instant Challenge portion of the day.
    Unlike in the competitive divisions, all of their family, friends, and fans can come down and watch them do their Instant Challenge together. Once their Instant Challenge is complete, they are officially done for the day.
  • Opening Ceremonies will start at 8:30. We have the Parade of Teams then a few items we take care of during opening, one of which can involve your teams. When we do the DI Oath, we first ask the Graduating Seniors to come up to the front of the room. We then ask the Rising Stars! teams (of which there are 5 at our meet this year) to come up as well and help lead the crowd in the Oath. You are encouraged to come up with them if you think it will make them more comfortable or send them up – whatever you think will work better for them. I will want to know if they will be there for opening just so I can set up the logistics.

We want to make sure it is a special day for your teams and I can’t wait to see them there.