Below is the tentative schedule for Global Finals for New Hampshire teams. This is VERY subject to change. Team Managers can log into and click registration -> login and search for their teams or New Hampshire.

NOTE: There is additional Team Manager information NOT published here available when you search by team.



Team NumberOrganizationTeam NameChallengeLevelTC DayTC TimeIC DayIC Time
130-58406Marlborough SchoolMarlborough SchoolInside ImpactELWed11:00 AMFri9:15 AM
130-22665LitchfieldA.N.T. F.A.M.E.Drop ZoneMLWed1:06 PMThu3:30 PM
130-82211Londonderry DIThe Duct Tape DudesMaze CrazeSLWed3:12 PMFri1:30 PM
130-07331Gilbert H Hood Middle SchoolSeven Shades of AwesomeMaze CrazeMLWed3:48 PMFri9:15 AM
130-86699Bedford DITeam EMOJIUnlikely AttractionELThu8:36 AMSat8:15 AM
130-52443Bedford DISSSSAMInside ImpactMLThu1:24 PMFri11:45 AM
130-35832Goffstown High SchoolThe RevolutionariesUnlikely AttractionSLThu1:24 PMSat9:30 AM
130-30661Berlin SchoolsSeng AnjianUnlikely AttractionSLThu1:42 PMSat9:15 AM
130-42848Goffstown High SchoolNUTChange of TuneSLThu2:54 PMFri2:30 PM
130-18135Bedford DIMind BlowersMaze CrazeELThu3:12 PMSat11:45 AM
130-59374Bedford DIO' DIronyChange of TuneSLThu3:12 PMFri2:45 PM
130-70735Bedford DI5 Leaf CloversDrop ZoneELThu3:30 PMFri3:45 PM
130-82862Bedford DIAnimal BrigadeChange of TuneELThu3:30 PMFri4:45 PM
130-66804Amherst DIGabby GangChange of TuneELThu3:48 PMSat8:30 AM
130-17797Sunapee Middle High SchoolMusical KnightsChange of TuneMLFri8:18 AMSat11:15 AM
130-74737Maude H TrefethenThe PandacornsChange of TuneMLFri8:54 AMSat10:30 AM
130-77261Bedford DIDI of the StormInside ImpactSLFri10:24 AMThu2:30 PM
130-69209Grantham Village SchoolThe FiveTreasure!MLFri10:24 AMThu4:15 PM
130-99048Londonderry DITeam Unicorn ImaginationsTreasure!ELFri10:42 AMSat11:30 AM
130-35082Bedford DIPioneers of TreasureTreasure!ELFri11:00 AMThu9:45 AM
130-15321KHSThe NaturalsInside ImpactSLFri11:00 AMThu2:15 PM
130-20850GRS CooperativeThe 6 Fairy FixersUnlikely AttractionELFri12:48 PMThu1:45 PM
130-22284Southern New Hampshire UniversitySNHUnamiTreasure!ULFri12:48 PMThu1:45 PM
130-22823Elm Street Middle SchoolShooting StarfishTreasure!MLFri1:42 PMThu9:45 AM
130-10672Ernest P Barka Elementary SchoolThe SnoopysMaze CrazeELFri3:12 PMThu3:45 PM
130-68586Monadnock Regional Middle High SchoolLive Free or DITreasure!SLFri3:30 PMThu9:30 AM
130-00623Sunapee Central Elementary SchoolS to the Power of 6Inside ImpactELFri3:30 PMThu2:30 PM
130-36827Timberlane Regional High SchoolGingersnapsTreasure!SLFri3:48 PMThu9:15 AM
130-22998Auburn Village SchoolBrain BlastersUnlikely AttractionMLFri5:36 PMThu2:45 PM
130-16399Highbridge Hill ElementaryHHESDrop ZoneELSat8:00 AMFri5:15 PM
130-32005Hollis Brookline DIThe a-Maze-ing Team from HBMaze CrazeSLSat8:54 AMFri10:45 AM
130-46231Saint Joseph Regional SchoolMichele's TeamDrop ZoneMLSat8:54 AMThu3:45 PM
130-69137Main Dunstable Elementary SchoolHexa HawksUnlikely AttractionELSat9:30 AMFri3:15 PM
130-28697Hollis-Brookline Middle School DIPrivate Eyes of DIUnlikely AttractionMLSat10:06 AMFri4:15 PM
130-41406Milford Destination ImaginationMaybe SevenDrop ZoneSLSat10:42 AMThu3:30 PM
130-07466Pinkerton DI ClubDI for DummiesDrop ZoneSLSat11:00 AMThu8:45 AM