20150523Hollis-Brookline_readyCreativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and prioritization skills remain the top needed jobs skills according to the World Economic Forum and the  Forbes report on the National Association of College and Employers study. The IBM study in Fast Company underscores creativity. New Hampshire Destination Imagination, or NH-DI, is an after school activity that uses Challenges based in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) or entrepreneurial service learning to allow students to build these skills. And as these must be solved strictly by the team members themselves, confidence is the most often stated benefit from our alumni who were on teams themselves. The best part: It does not make a difference what the student wants to be – they will need these skills.

When you look at the solutions for these Challenges at competition starting in March, they may appear to be skits. In reality, they are well crafted solutions, completed with the ideas of the team, driven on a time line and budget set by the team, and the accomplishments are solely that of the team, which makes learning a beautiful thing.

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