gf14_header_fb_imgDestination Imagination Global Finals is the world’s largest event of its kind. This is NOT the time and place to share where you are at Global Finals. However, even if you don’t have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, you can still monitor what is happening from Globals – even on your cell phone.

If you are there are a seasoned social media user, then its time to engage! Here are 3 sections to help you keep in touch!

Real-time information will be shared from now through and after Global Finals – especially on the @GlobalFinals Twitter handle.

What the Hashtag?

You’ve seen it at the bottom of the TV screen: #IDOL, #TheVoice – these are hashtags. Many social media platforms let you search on hashtags.The official hashtag for Global Finals is #GlobalFinals14. Below are links that will allow you to either follower the Global Finals Twitter Handle, the NH-DI Twitter handle or the GlobalFinals hashtag.


Give me the details: I have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account