580 Old Homestead Highway,Swanzey, New Hampshire 03446-2301 (603) 352-657

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From the East

• Take Route 101 to Keene. When you see the Cheshire Oil company on your right, you’re almost there: the next major intersection (as opposed to the left and right turns you will pass) will be Route 12 (there will be a Tire Warehouse on the left).
• Take the left onto Route 12. You’ll go by a bunch of smallish shops, and then you’ll go over a small bridge, and “through” a cemetery (it’s on both sides of the road). A little past the cemetery on the right is the entrance for Route 32.
• Turn right onto Route 32. On Route 32, you’ll go about three miles past an airport, Wilson Pond, a Neighbors gas station/store, a place that has big piles of sand and dirt, and a Post office.
• You’ll cross a small bridge, and Monadnock will be on your left.

From the North

• If you are coming from more to the north, and getting to routes 9 or 10 are easier, they will eventually join up in Keene. You’ll get to the end of the road where route 9 goes right/west to Brattleboro and the state police barracks. The road goes left/east as route 101. Turn left.
• You will see Applebee’s to your left and a Best Western on your right. Route 10 turns off to the south here. Turn south (a right turn).
• You will pass several car dealerships and small shops. When you see a Portland glass store on the left and Hamshaw Lumber on the right, take the next left turn (it almost looks like a fork in the road). This is Matthews Rd.
• Follow Matthews Road for what will seem forever. Be sure to get a look at the really nice view of Mount Monadnock to your left. You will approach the end of the road after crossing what used to be railroad tracks two or three times. When you get to the end of Matthews Road, turn left onto Sawyer’s Crossing Rd.
• You will almost immediately cross one of Swanzey’s one-lane quaint, historic,covered bridges. Cross the bridge (watch out for oncoming traffic, they have the right-of-way) and follow the road as it turns to the right. When you get to the end of Sawyer’s Crossing Road, take a left onto Eaton Road.
• Eaton Road will very quickly bring you towards Route 32 and MRHS.
Go to the left of the little traffic island and turn right into a parking lot..