Low Contact Tournament Procedures

As this is written, yet another COVID-19 variant has been identified and has begun circulating. It is reasonable to expect that the pandemic environment will be similar in March when our NH-DI Affiliate Tournament is held. We want to ensure a safe environment for our appraisers and volunteers as well as create a safe environment for team members and team managers.

The requirements below are intended to keep NH-DI’s team members, team managers, appraisers, and tournament volunteers as safe as possible while providing a modified in-person tournament experience. We know that the interactions between team members and appraisers are very important and that team members love to explain their solutions and respond to appraiser questions. The low contact tournament model will make this possible in a safe manner.

Please note that the policies and procedures described below may change. Infections in New Hampshire have tended to come in waves, and conditions could be very different around the time of the tournament. If any additional steps must be taken to help protect everyone, or if we are able to relax some of the rules listed below, we will update this page and notify team managers, appraisers, and tournament volunteers.

Our low contact tournament will mean:

  • Masks will be required for all attendees at all times while in buildings
  • Teams will stay together at all times while in buildings
  • There will be no large gatherings or hanging out in hallways
  • Scheduling will allow teams to maintain distance from other teams
  • Teams will check in at a designated time
  • A pre-prep area will be provided for prop assembly and costuming
  • Teams will move into prep, then into the challenge site

  • Following the presentation and after appraisers have talked with team members, teams will leave the building through a designated exit
  • Two team managers or one team manager and one adult helper will be allowed to assist teams with prop transport in the building and may watch the team; no additional spectators will be allowed
  • Challenge solutions will be videoed and available for all to enjoy online
  • If possible, live streaming of challenge solutions will be available
  • Instant Challenge will be in a separate adjacent building
    • Instant Challenge will be scheduled for shortly before or shortly after the Team Challenge presentation
    • One team manager may accompany the team into the instant challenge building
    • Check in will be at a designated time
    • Teams will move through holding, into their IC room, chill out, and then out of the building through a designated exit.

To ensure that appraisers and all day volunteers who are in the buildings for as many as 12 hours are provided a safe environment, NH-DI will:

  • Provide high filtration masks to all appraisers and volunteers
  • Work with the facility to increase air circulation at challenge sites

  • Spot clean any areas that teams or their adult helpers are likely to touch after every presentation
  • Require that all ACMs, appraisers, and volunteers be fully vaccinated and (if eligible) boosted as of March 12, 2022

Should anyone attending the tournament test positive within 10 days, we want to be informed. This will allow us to notify those who might have come in contact with that individual.