2018 DIve In Workshop


DIve In is NH-DI’s annual training workshop for team members, formerly known as Instant Combustion. We are excited to maintain a similar structure to last year with new workshops based on the feedback of the DI community

  • Each team will participate in an Instant Challenge workshop
  • Teams will also have the opportunity to choose TWO other Skills Workshops from a variety of offerings
  • Team Managers: Register for a SPECIAL session with your Affiliate Challenge Master on understanding your team’s Challenge
  • We will also have a special session for Rising Stars! teams


  • Saturday, January 6, 2018 (Snow date is 1/7).
  • Check-in for the morning session will open around 8:45, and that session will end at about 12:40. Check-in for the afternoon session will open around 1:15 and that session will end at about 5:30.  As we get closer to the event a more detailed schedule will be made available.
  • Since the sessions are identical teams can choose to attend either the morning or the afternoon session and have a similar experience.  Of course, if you’d like to attend both sessions and go to different workshops at each we won’t stop you…



We encourage all team members to go to sessions that they’re interested in, and become experts on the topic so they can bring what they learned back to the team.  EL and ML teams can break up into as many groups as you have chaperones, and SL teams can break up into as many groups as they’d like. The entire team will remain together for the IC portion.

Rising Stars have a special session planned for them!  It will be offered in the morning only and they do not need to pick sessions- we’ve got them covered!

  • All Together Now: Every DIer knows that teamwork is key to success. But what does teamwork actually look like? In this workshop you’ll learn some fun ways to build a strong team that communicates and works with each other’s strengths, as well as tools to help un-stick your brainstorming.
  • CTRL-V: Pasting Together Computer Science: Have you ever wondered how computers always know exactly what to do when asked? Just like us, computers understand a language and can follow instructions written in this language. These instructions are called a computer program. In this workshop, you will get to learn more about how computers understand these programs by doing some programing yourself! Can paper be intelligent like a computer? Is there a way we can write one set of instructions on how to get through a maze that works for all mazes? Find out by trying your hand at some programming on paper. It’ll be an aMAZEing time!
  • DI Solutions: Turned On 2018: Have you ever wondered how you might computerize parts of a DI solution? In this workshop we will show you the basics of using a microcontroller called an Arduino to computer control parts of a solution. We’ll show you how to turn on lights, make sounds, and turn motors. Join the fun and learn how your team could end up with a computer controlled solution.
  • DIsguises, DIstortions, & DIspositions: Your team wrote interesting characters, built clever props, and created awesome costumes–now what? Push it to the next level with facepaint, body language, and more to fully BECOME your characters!
  • Dumpster DIve!: Learn how to experiment with the trash from your dumpster and recycle bin! Upcycle, repurpose, and reuse to turn everyday “trash” items into the coolest costumes and props for your performances!
  • Improv 101: Learn some helpful principles of improvisation along with ways to improve your teamwork, creativity, and fast paced critical thinking skills. This is intended for those who have never participated in the improv workshop at DIve In before.
  • Improv 201: After learning the basics of improvisation that help your team improve its creative process, this workshop takes those tips and tricks to the next level. This is intended for veterans of improv.
  • Much Ado About Singing: Storytelling & Advancing Plot Through Song & Music: Songs and music can help enhance any production, but the most important function of music in a skit or performance is to enhance the production while driving the story itself forward. Having catchy tunes or funny lines is also a plus. In this workshop we’ll learn about how to use song to advance plot and story, and how to make it interesting and entertaining!
  • Set The Stage: Learn how to produce an effective stage and prop design that enhances your performance, engages the audience, and helps them focus on the story and solution.
  • Walk The Walk: What makes a great acting performance? Great lines well delivered? Interesting character development? These are all important, but a performance really hits the next level when it doesn’t seem like a performance at all—the actor just IS the character. It’s not magic; it’s embodiment! Limber up for a method acting workshop that will take you from playing a role to becoming a character.

Additional Information

  • Teams MUST come with 2 adults (one TM may wish to attend a special workshop).
  • The registration fee will be $10 for each team member ($12 after 12/28), which can be paid through the CampBrain registration website. There is no charge for Team Managers or adult helpers accompanying the team.
  • Wear appropriate clothes to sit on the floor!
  • You may bring snacks for your team.
  • Questions? Email jenna.caputo@nhicc.org, or call the NH-DI Hotline (868-2140 or 877-DI-222-DI).

Registration Details

  • Registration will open on November 15th and close on December 20th, or whenever capacity is reached.  Workshop selection will be on a first come, first served basis, so register early to ensure that you get your favorites!
  • SNHU will require a signed release form for each child. You will need to download the form, print out a copy for each team member, and have this signed by their parent or guardian. We will collect the completed forms at check-in.
  • Confirmations will be emailed with additional information and directions. Registered teams will receive an email with a link to an online form that will allow you to enter your workshop preferences.

Register your team HERE. If you have any questions about the system, email jenna.caputo@nhicc.org or lou.mckenna@nhicc.org