2018 State Tournament Survival Guide

success-md If your team has advanced to the NH-DI State Tournament, congratulations! We’re really looking forward to seeing them there!

The tournament will be held at Bedford High School on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Please check the State Tournament home page as often as you can! This is where we will post the preliminary tournament schedule, along with other important announcements about the tournament.

Nearly all of the information in the NH-DI Regional Tournament Survival Guide also applies to the State Tournament. So we’ll just mention a few things that might be a little different for the State Tournament…


We need your help to run the tournament! Just as you did for your regional, each team must provide a two-hour volunteer to assist us on the day of the tournament. Please note that we need one person for two hours, and not four people for 30 minutes each. This is because some of the assignments require a bit of on-the-job training, and this becomes a problem when several different people try to share the job.

Your volunteer won’t be required to work during your team’s performance. However, please notify the tournament director if you’re sending someone who has a child on another team. We’ll want to schedule them at a time that won’t conflict with either performance.

You won’t need to supply the name of your volunteer in advance. Just look for your team’s entry in the volunteer schedule, which will be published on the tournament home page a few days before the tournament, and ask your volunteer to check in shortly before the time when they’re scheduled to work.

Special Scheduling Requests

Special scheduling requests (if truly compelling) must be sent via email to Lisa Gowern (lisa.gowern@nh-di.org) by Tuesday, March 27, 2018. We expect all teams to attend the State Tournament for the entire day!

Some of our veteran Team Managers may be wondering what happened to the section about finding an Appraiser. If so, we think you’ll be pleased to learn that teams are no longer required to recruit an Appraiser for the State Tournament. NH-DI will take care of this!

We will know which teams advanced, so unless your team has a special scheduling request, there is no need for Team Managers to do anything to register for the State Tournament.

Improvements in Team Challenge Solutions

Teams may continue to refine, or even totally replace, their Challenge solution at each level of competition. However, any changes must be completely original, and may not be an adaptation of something that was presented at an earlier tournament by another team.

Your team cannot add any new team members. According to the Rules of the Road, teams may not add team members between tournaments for any reason, even if the team does not have seven team members. Adding team members between tournaments will result in disqualification as a competitive team.

Team Paperwork

If your team decides to improve their Challenge solution, the information that’s provided on their paperwork is likely to change. That’s why we don’t keep any of the forms that your team submitted at their regional tournament. You’ll need to bring fresh copies that reflect the Challenge solution that the team plans to present at the State Tournament.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions or issues, please contact your State Tournament Director:

Lisa Gowern (lisa.gowern@nh-di.org )