2016 Team Managers’ Café

When: Saturday, November 12, 2016. Check-in opens at 8:00 AM. Sessions will begin at 8:30 AM, and should end by about 4:00 PM.
Where: Merrimack Valley Middle School, 14 Allen Street, Penacook, NH
Cost: $35 per attendee ($45 for late registrations)
Lunch: Bring a bag lunch or purchase pizza by the slice

Clip art for TM Cafe

Our Menu

This training event will offer advanced training for our Team Managers. You will have the opportunity to choose from a fine array of well-seasoned and superbly prepared sessions. We will have a full menu of sessions for you!

For New Team Managers

We will also be offering a repeat session of our new and improved new Team Manager training for those who weren’t able to attend the earlier session. Come learn from some of our most experienced trainers and team managers how to get your team to a solution without going (too) crazy! However, if you attended our New Team Manager workshop in October, we’d love to have you join us for advanced Team Manager training!

For Veterans

Here are some of the offerings we’ve planned for experienced Team Managers (and Coordinators):

Choosing Team Choice Elements
A session on guiding teams through the process of critical evaluation and choosing their “WOWs” for team choice elements, including some suggestions and tips for getting teams to think critically about what they want appraisers to evaluate in this vital component of their solution.

Techniques to Teach for Creating Costumes
We’ll give you some cool methods and techniques to share with your team for creating cool costumes, including ways to create an original costume without sewing! This is a “train the trainer” approach; we’ll teach you so you can teach them!

Instant Challenge Extravaganza
Instant Challenge is often a challenge for teams; come meet with the IC Village (our core appraisal team for IC) and let them walk you through some tried and true techniques for teaching teams to master IC! You’ll also learn how to modify and create your own ICs, so you’ll never be without an Instant Challenge!

Getting to WOW
Embellishment and evaluation of their work is something that teams can struggle with; come walk through a process for getting your team to take this vital step toward improving their overall solutions.

Project Management 101 – Teaching Teams about Time
One of NH-DI’s long-term managers will share his method for getting teams to manage their project time and get to the tournament with less last-minute hassle.  Teams that manage time are teams that are more successful!

New Coordinator Training
New this year, we have a session planned for coordinators to get the inside scoop on fundraising and managing a program, conducted by two very experienced program coordinators. Meeting deadlines, duties of a coordinator, how to garner community support… all that and more!

Ask us Anything – NH-DI Team Manager Round Table
Got questions about teams, process, tournament, or another Team Manager topic? Come and join us for a round table discussion of where NH-DI is headed and get your questions answered. 

ACM Session
As always, we’ll end the day with sessions with the Affiliate Challenge Masters for those of you who know what challenge your team has chosen!

How to Register

You must register in advance. To sign up, go to https://www.nh-di.org/online, log into your existing account or create a new account. Bring up the Teams menu, and select the register for event menu pick. You will see a section labeled My Event Orders that lists your existing event registration orders, and a section labeled View or Add Upcoming events which lists upcoming events (if this is empty, it’s because there are no events for which registration is currently open). Click on the link for the Team Managers’ Café or the second New Team Manager training workshop, and a page will appear with instructions on how to register.

If you are unable to use the online registration system, you can also register by sending an email to questions@nh-di.org with the following information for each attendee:

  • Name, phone number, and email (if available)
  • School or organization
  • Event that they would like to attend. You’ll need to specify either the Team Manager Café, or the second New Team Manager training workshop.
  • The Team Challenge that their team has selected (if known), and the competition level of their team (elementary, middle, secondary, Rising Stars)

Confirmations and directions will be sent to you via email.


Just email questions@nh-di.org!