Team New Hampshire 2016

Here are the teams that have qualified and accepted to represent New Hampshire at Destination Imagination Global Global Finals 2016 LogoFinals at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville from May 25 – 28, 2016.  They will compete with teams from 48 states and 15 countries within their grade level and selected challenge.

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Team Information Team Name Level Challenge TeamNum
Academy for Science and Design, N.H. Imaginary Dragons ML Pace of Change (Technical) 130-28476
Alton Central School, N.H. The Dream Team ML Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-84808
Auburn Village School, N.H. ML Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-69776
Bedford DI, N.H. Inigo Montoya ML Close Encounters (Improv) 130-98272
Bicentennial, N.H. SARASAA SYMPHONY EL Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-93798
Bow Extracurricular Enrichment Program, N.H. SL In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-24547
Bow Memorial School, N.H. Noisy Narwhals EL Close Encounters (Improv) 130-95070
Community Homeschool Group, N.H. SL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-23902
Concord Christian Academy, N.H. The Wowzers ML In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-48825
Derryfield School, N.H. ‘The-DS-DIatonic-Donuts’ ML Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-40081
Destination Futuristic Adventure, Litchfield School District, N.H. Destination Futuristic Adventure EL Pace of Change (Technical) 130-60352
Elm Street Middle School, N.H. Nuclear Llamas ML Meme Event (Social Learning) 130-21643
Grantham Village School, N.H. ML Close Encounters (Improv) 130-81705
GRS Cooperative, N.H. EL In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-79320
Highbridge Hill Elementary, N.H. HHES EL Pace of Change (Technical) 130-77937
Hollis/Brookline DI, N.H. The Doors ML Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-05679
Hopkinton DI, N.H. Negative Points SL Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-15546
Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative School District, N.H. Jaffrey Grade School EL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-49652
Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative School District, N.H. Banana Squad SL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-55661
Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative School District, N.H. EL Meme Event (Social Learning) 130-32753
Londonderry D.I., N.H. SL Pace of Change (Technical) 130-30395
Londonderry D.I., N.H. Five Guys SL Close Encounters (Improv) 130-22166
Mason Elementary School Mason Elementary EL In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-66124
Medici Independent, N.H. MeDIci SL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-61728
Merrimack DI, N.H. Five Musketeers EL Close Encounters (Improv) 130-89126
Milford DI, N.H. Milford DI Kids ML Meme Event (Social Learning) 130-94081
Milford DI, N.H. Wizards of Cause SL Meme Event (Social Learning) 130-23803
Monadnock Regional HS, N.H. Monadnock Regional HS SL Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-87053
Monadnock Regional School District, N.H. Unstoppable Cardinals EL Meme Event (Social Learning) 130-22687
Monadnock RSD, N.H. SL Meme Event (Social Learning) 130-62131
Nashua School District, N.H. Hexa-Hawks EL In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-33143
Main Dunstable Elem School, N.H. STRUCTURAL STORMERS EL Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-66124
New Heights, N.H. New Heights Fine Art SL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-89498
Pinkerton Academy, N.H. How Many Dragons Have You Fought SL Pace of Change (Technical) 130-88519
Project PROMISE, N.H. The Passion Dancers EL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-60017
Southern New Hampshire University, (SNHU) UL Musical Mashup (Structural) 130-82346
Sunapee Middle High School, N.H. ML Pace of Change (Technical) 130-75440
Sunapee Middle High School, N.H. ML Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-13574
Thornton Central School, N.H. Thornton Central School Swarm ML In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-06863
Wilton Independent, N.H. SL Close Encounters (Improv) 130-87814
Windham School District, N.H. The InkBlots SL In Plain Sight (Scientific) 130-92231



The following teams qualified to attend Global Finals, but have opted not to attend:


Hollis DI, N.H. Private Eyes of DI EL Get a Clue (Fine Arts) 130-80059