2014-2015 Tournament Survival Guide: Part 4


After Your Tournament

[Part 4 of the NH-DI Tournament Survival Guide]

Tournament day is over, and it’s time to celebrate your team’s accomplishments! Whether your team finished in first place or last place, we know that they will have learned a lot during the past few months!

Here are some things that you’ll want to do after the tournament:

  1. Visit the NH-DI web site to see photos, videos, and tournament results
  2. Print participation certificates
  3. Celebrate your team’s hard work
  4. Remind your parents about Camp Gottalikachallenge

Visit the NH-DI Web Site

At every tournament, we will have photographers taking pictures throughout the day. All of these photos and videos will be posted at the NH-DI web site, usually within a day or two after the tournament.

The home page for your tournament will also be updated with a link to the tournament results. The posted results will list any teams that received special awards (with a brief description of the reason for each award), and the first 5 teams for each Challenge/Level in place order, with the remaining teams listed alphabetically.

Print Participation Certificates

We have customizable Participation Certificates and Award Certificates that you can personalize for each member of your team! These are editable PDF forms that you can download from our web site, and use to print a certificate for each member of your team by entering their name. You’ll find them on our Personalized Certificates page.

Celebrate Your Team’s Hard Work

Whether your team finished in first place or last place, you should emphasize everything that the team accomplished during the season.

Please schedule a party to celebrate! You can watch a video of the team’s performance, look at photos taken throughout the season, and reflect on just how much the team has accomplished. Don’t be surprised if the kids start to make plans for next year!

Remind Parents about Camp Gottalikachallenge

If the members of your team had fun doing DI, they will love Camp Gottalikachallenge! This is NH-DI’s 6-day overnight camp in August for children from 5th through 9th grade. You’ll find lots of information on the Camp Gottalikachallenge home page, including photos and videos from previous years. Please make sure that your parents know about this!