2012-2013 Team Paperwork Page


On this page, we’ve collected copies of all of the forms that you’ll need for your team’s paperwork.

Each downloadable form is an editable PDF file. This means that it’s possible to download and open each file, type in the required information, and print all of the copies you’ll need.

For Elementary Level teams, the Team Manager may fill out the forms by typing in the words that
are dictated by the team. Older teams must fill out the forms themselves!

If you are using Adobe Reader (which is the software installed on most computers), you may find
that you aren’t able to save the information that you have typed into a form. If this happens, you might want to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Reader, which should allow you to do this. It would probably be a good idea to test this yourself on your computer before you meet with your team, so you’ll know whether they will be able to save what they’ve typed.

All Teams

  • NH-DI Team Roster and Preview Form: Your team will need to bring 1 copy of this single-page form.

All Competitive Team Challenges

  • Declaration of Independence: Your team will need 2 copies of this form. One copy is for their Team Challenge, and the other is to take to Instant Challenge.
  • Expense Report: Your team will need 1 copy of this form, unless they have chosen Challenge D (Change in Realitee). Any receipts that you bring do not need to be attached to the form.

Tournament Data Forms

Each of the Challenges includes a Tournament Data Form:

  • Challenge A (In the Zone): You will need 5 copies of this two-page form.
  • Challenge B (Wind Visible): You will need 5 copies of this two-page form.
  • Challenge C (IN Disguise): You will need 5 copies of this two-page form.
  • Challenge D (Change in Realitee): You will need 5 copies of this single-page form.
  • Challenge E (Twist-O-Rama): You will need 5 copies of this two-page form.
  • Project Outreach (Real to Reel): You will need 6 copies of this single-page form.
  • Rising Stars! (Roy G Biv): You will need a copy of the Starry Showcase Form.