2013 NH Destination Imagination State Finals Tournament Results

2013 NH Destination Imagination State Finals Tournament Results

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“G” indicates going on Destination Imagination Global Finals, May 22-25 to compete with top teams from around the US and World
“T” indicates team is tied
Participating teams after the first five places are listed alphabetically.


Challenge A: IN THE ZONE (Technical)

Elementary Level

1 G Auburn Village School, Auburn, #130-96073
2 GT Bow Elementary school, Bow, #130-77228
2 GT Windham DI, Windham, #130-24717
3 Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-22770
4 GRS School District, Randolph, #130-75078
5 NHCS Project PROMISE, Bristol, #130-36910
Chesterfield School, West Chesterfield, #130-05669
Danville Elementary, Danville, #130-14660
Griffin Memorial School, Litchfield, #130-60839
Nashua SD: Bicentennial, Nashua, #130-36434

Middle Level

1 G Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-47737
2 G Windham DI, Windham, #130-94012
3 Bow Schools, Bow, #130-94555
4 Hillsboro Deering Middle School, Hillsborough, #130-00739
5 Kearsarge Regional Middle School, New London, #130-96026

Secondary Level

1 G Pinkerton Academy, Hampstead, #130-29525
2 G Bedford DI, Bedford, #130-28871
3 T Nashua High School South, Nashua, #130-60798
3 T Milford High School, Milford, #130-12347

Challenge B: WIND VISIBLE (Science)

Elementary Level

1 G Thornton Central School, Thornton, #130-13137
2 G Lincoln Akerman School, Hampton Falls, #130-09381
3 Jaffrey Grade School, Jaffrey, #130-31127
4 T Nashua SD: Main Dunstable, Nashua, #130-62235
4 T Newington School District, Greenland, #130-72807
5 Hampstead Academy, Chester, #130-19119
Highbridge Hill Elementary, New Ipswich, #130-75553
Nashua SD: Bicentennial, Nashua, #130-38515

Middle Level

1 G Milford Middle School, Milford, #130-56666
2 G Bow Schools, Bow, #130-26959
3 Mountain View, Goffstown, Goffstown, #130-82277
4 Milford Middle School, Milford, #130-72170
5 Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, Derry, #130-35854

Secondary Level

1 G Conant High School, Rindge, #130-78989
2 G Berlin Schools, Berlin, #130-15040
3 Windham DI, Windham, #130-13909
4 Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-10678
5 Warrior DI, Hampton, #130-85347

Challenge C: IN DISGUISE (Fine Arts)

Elementary Level

1 G Strafford School, Strafford, #130-39007
2 G Rindge Memorial School, Rindge, #130-69582
3 G Londonderry DI, Londonderry, #130-34357
4 Sandown Central, Sandown, #130-95413
5 Bow Elementary school, Bow, #130-06351
Bedford School District, Bedford, #130-47549
Bow Elementary school, Bow, #130-29845
Piermont Village School, Piermont, #130-48678
Strafford School, Strafford, #130-43321

Middle Level

1 G Schools of Greater Nashua, Nashua, #130-21534
2 G Dover Middle School, Dover, #130-29175
3 Hillsboro Deering Middle School, Hillsborough, #130-56829
4 Bow Schools, Bow, #130-88043
5 Alton Central School, Alton, #130-63219
Chesterfield School, West Chesterfield, #130-55577
Chesterfield School, West Chesterfield, #130-23225
Inter-Lakes, Meredith, #130-42490
Lighthouse Home School Co-op, Loudon, #130-38020

Secondary Level

1 G Bedford High School, Bedford, #130-24835
2 G Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-47777
3 Conant High School, Rindge, #130-90280
4 Windham DI, Windham, #130-32789
5 Pinkerton Academy, Hampstead, #130-90424
Inter-Lakes, Meredith, #130-32941
Lebanon High School, Grantham, #130-45551
Merrimack Valley High School DI, Penacook, #130-06205

Challenge D: CHANGE IN REALITEE (Improvisational)

Elementary Level

1 G Nashua SD: Birch Hill, Nashua, #130-96604
2 G Danville Elementary, Danville, #130-45535
3 Newington Public School, Greenland, #130-49476
4 Grantham Village School, Grantham, #130-36510
5 Bethlehem Elementary School, Bethlehem, #130-78669
Milford Elementary DI, Milford, #130-25486

Middle Level

1 G Hampstead Academy, Chester, #130-27692
2 G Academy for Science and Design, Merrimack, #130-68941
3 Hampstead Academy, Chester, #130-82813
4 Lebanon Middle School, Grantham, #130-46673
5 Bedford School District, Bedford, #130-35112

Secondary Level

1 G Lebanon High School, Grantham, #130-38433
2 G Londonderry DI, Londonderry, #130-08801
3 Pinkerton Academy, Derry, #130-27022
4 Monadnock Regional HS, Swanzey, #130-32972
5 Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-69561
Bow Extracurricular Enrichment P, Bow, #130-18611
Nashua Area, Merrimack, #130-29394
Nashua SD: Nashua HS North, Nashua, #130-38975
WLC-DI, Lyndeborough, #130-29520

Challenge E: TWIST-O-RAMA (Structural)

Elementary Level

1 G Milford Elementary DI, Milford, #130-22440
2 G Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-93953
3 Bow Schools, Bow, #130-06298
4 Ellis School, Fremont, #130-51022
5 Hooksett Memorial School, Hooksett, #130-66020
Lin-Wood School, Lincoln, #130-97036
Mountain View, Goffstown, Goffstown, #130-88024
Nashua SD: Sunset Heights, Nashua, #130-41375


Middle Level

1 G Londonderry DI, Londonderry, #130-52553
2 G Milford Middle School, Milford, #130-06307
3 Strafford School, Strafford, #130-12965
4 Jaffrey Rindge Middle School, Rindge, #130-21920
5 NASD Project PROMISE NMMS, Bristol, #130-49548
Academy for Science and Design, Merrimack, #130-88021


Secondary Level

1 G Seg Net, Enfield, #130-81800
2 G Milford High School, Milford, #130-38995
3 Monadnock Regional HS, Swanzey, #130-76315


Challenge ProjectOUTREACH: REAL to REEL (Service Learning)

Elementary Level

1 G Garrison Elementary School, Dover, #130-04326
2 G Bedford School District, Bedford, #130-60228
3 Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-15052
4 Sunapee Central Elementary Schoo, Sunapee, #130-24626
5 Milford Elementary DI, Milford, #130-96454
Grantham Village School, Grantham, #130-29300
Milford Elementary DI, Milford, #130-85711
Saint Patrick School, Jaffrey, Hancock, #130-77779
Windham DI, Windham, #130-10791
Hampstead Central School, Hampstead, #130-47797

Middle Level

1 G monadnock middle school, Swanzey, #130-95354
2 G Rundlett Middle School, Concord, #130-58111
3 G Windham DI, Windham, #130-89731
4 Oyster River Middle School, Durham, #130-63974
5 Academy for Science and Design, Merrimack, #130-42819




These will be posted shortly.

DaVinci Award for outstanding creativity.

This award is given for having a unique approach to a solution, for risk taking, and/or for outstanding creativity (not skill or talent).

Monadnock Middle School, Swanzey, #130-95354

This team impressed us with their courage to present a serious, difficult, and personal project. Their solution was detailed, polished, and geared towards making an emotional impact and raising awareness. 
The appraisal team was moved by this team’s profound attention to detail, from the settings in their film to the movement of their scenery. This team’s extraordinary creativity enabled them to create a film that deeply moved us. Their film was uniquely choreographed to courageously evoke the human spirit and inspire others to join them in their journey to create change in their community and the world. This team took on the challenging project of childhood cancer, a topic that affected one team member personally, therefore impacting the team collectively. The creativity and strength this team displayed left the room in tears.

Nashua High School South, Nashua, #130-60798

Using basic items like a coffee can, rubber bands, cardboard, and a bolt, this team was able to engineer a solution so effective it was indistinguishable from magic. After the performance, appraisers asked to see the inner workings of the vehicle and when it was explained, no one could refrain from exclaiming, “Wow! That’s cool!” The simplicity and execution of this team’s design blew us away. 

Londonderry Middle School, Londonderry, #130-52553

Sea urchin buttons, a sea cucumber cummerbund, a seaweed mane, and webbed feet pulled together “Sam” the Sea Monster. His “see” worthy costume demonstrated incredible creativity, attention to detail, and humor. This character was not simply a prop or showpiece, but a central aspect of the team’s performance. The costume swept us away. His performance and the team’s incorporation of his character resulted in a costume that is “sea”mented in our minds.


Bedford HS, Bedford, #130-55322

This team created a live soundtrack with original compositions, which impressively set the mood of their performance and enhanced each scene. We were awed with their intricate, unusual, and effective use of duct tape to create scenery that evoked the essence of good and evil. The team’s animated, theatrical portrayal of a “fine arts” superhero, and characters who disappeared into paintings in front of our eyes, went above and beyond the appraisers’ expectations.


Thornton Central School, #130-13137

Ever see a “baby” wear a crib as a costume? Well we did! A team member stuck his head through a crib prop to become a baby, using dowels to make the baby’s hands grasp a container of milk. As a story was read to the baby, the team brought the story to life. Their creative storytelling and props engaged and entertained the audience and appraisers.

Interlakes HS, #130-42490

This team’s rich portrayal of animals’ movements and personalities was so convincing it made them come alive on stage. The elephant’s trunk, created out of drinking cups, was so realistic we were transported to the African watering hole. Their backdrop creatively integrated authentic cultural elements of Africa. We were powerfully and emotionally affected by this team’s creative use of music. Like the elephant, we will never forget the emotions evoked by this team’s presentation, which was all contained within the simple allegory of a watering hole

Bow Schools, Bow, #130-26959

In this team’s performance, burlap over PVC pipe came to life as tree bark. They created a multi-step Rube Goldberg device, which ended with a water bottle tipping over to create a stream that ran for fifteen seconds. We were impressed with their creativity in constructing their multi-step device, and their considerable risk-taking.
Torch Bearer Award (projectOUTREACH teams)This award honors teams and/or individuals whose solutions have had extraordinary impact in and beyond their local communities.
Garrison Elementary School, Dover, #130-04326 (NOTE: This is the first honor of its kind awarded by NH-DI).
Today we have a special award to give. So special, in fact, that this is the first time it has ever been given in the state of New Hampshire. This award is given for solutions that have an extraordinary impact in and beyond their community.
Imagine a solider in the middle of a war zone putting on a hat that was knit by a senior citizen and given to them by a child. This team made it possible by enriching the lives of not one, but three communities: nursing home residents, soldiers, and themselves. They far surpassed their initial goal of 50 hats, quadrupling the amount produced to over 200 hats. They touched the live of countless soldiers and nursing home residents. We commend you for bringing the pieces together.

Renaissance Award for outstanding design, engineering, execution, performance

Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-47737

This team created and refined a launch system incorporating on-board computers with a light beam guidance system. Their system was rigorously tested and impeccably engineered with mathematical precision. We were blown away by their software and mechanical engineering, which went well beyond their grade level.

Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-10678

This team’s unusual wind-generating device used hand-operated box bellows, built from scratch by the team. This device was beautifully constructed and well-engineered. The appraisers were impressed with their thoughtfulness and persistence in developing their device, and with its smooth and seamless functioning.

Windham DI, Windham, #130-32789

This team impressed us with their attention to detail in creating scenery and costumes for their feathered friends. Their use of different mediums and textures enhanced the appearance of the flock. They intricately constructed a multi-colored bird with hand-tied embroidery thread, which was used to emulate the bird’s feathers. Every piece of this team’s scenery was well-integrated into the performance and reflected their passion for refinement.

Conant High School, #130-90280

This team’s ingenious use of a drill and mechanical jack created the illusion of a glass coffin rising around a princess, as their story continued to unfold around it. The team tripled the effect of their morphing mask by bringing three separate dwarfs to life with their unique use of everyday elements. A rubber band created a yawn, a pump blew up ears, and lights created blushing cheeks. The appraisers were wowed by this team’s ability to bring extra lives to the stage!

Londonderry HS, Londonderry, #130-08801

This well crafted presentation was genuine and authentic.  It was creative and used subtle humor in a unique way.  The performance was smooth from beginning to end and integrated all the elements with ease.  By transforming t-shirts into bottles and using slogans, the team effectively evoked emotion and told a story that was humorous and made inanimate objects come alive.

Windham HS, Windham, #130-13909

A trip to Ancient Egypt sent the appraisers to visit the gods and sent us on a journey of good vs. evil that included solving a puzzle to eliminate a curse and deciphering the hieroglyphics on a simply elegant tomb.  The advantages of wind energy were posted magnetically on three rows of a decorated box which by pulling dowels flipped to show the backdrop.  Their two pieces of kinetic art were flapping wings and a pineapple.  These, in addition to elegant masks and backdrop that showed the changing seasons were all beautifully crafted to make this journey memorable.

Hollis DI, Secondary Level, #130-47777

This team’s solution addressed the theme of nature versus human intervention. Their soul tree and its inhabitants were a powerful metaphor for the destruction of the natural world, and its falling vegetation the death of the forest. Extraordinary attention to detail in so many elements made for an impressive demonstration of skill and risk taking. The use of over 900 pieces of individually folded origami created a unique artistic vision of a universe seen through the lens of a flower.

Mountain View, Goffstown, Goffstown, #130-88024

A visit to an eerie house began this wind energy presentation that transported us with beautifully crafted, authentic looking props like 1930’s style stenciled wallpaper in both the kitchen and living room and an arch shaped radio.  The invisible visitor made first the eyes and then the whole ancient portrait move, the lights flickered and organ keys moved, making their performance realistically scary.  The old place’s windmill, featuring blades made from soda cans, actually produced electricity that could felt in the air.

Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award

This award is given in recognition of those who act as superior role models in the areas of spirit, sportsmanship and volunteerism.

Sunapee Central Elementary School, Sunapee, #130-24626

The purpose of Project Outreach is to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism and the joy of giving back to your community.  The pride this team had in how they helped their school was evident throughout their presentation. They went above and beyond to improve their school’s outdoor class by researching flying creatures, learning new skills so that they could build habitats for them, and then teaching the kindergarteners about them. Their performance focuses on how they recognized individual talents as they learned new skills and how they incorporated those talents into a strong team dynamic.  Their love for their school community was evident as they proudly featured the work of the “kinders” they had taught.  These role models have improved their own lives as well as those of their younger classmates, and they have made a lasting impact on their school,  The truly represent the Spirit of Destination Imagination

Christine Yu, Nashua High School South (Rare individual Spirit of DI award)

After her team’s performance, a number of younger DI participants came up to ask questions about the vehicles she had been releasing. At the end of a long day, it would have been easy to “accidentally” not hear the youngsters’ questions or to give a short answer and walk away. Instead, this team member took the time to get down on their level and share her team’s work. The appraisers were impressed by the way she took the time to pass along her passion for DI to the younger crowd!.

Nashua Birch Hill Elem School

This team’s spirit went above and beyond our expectations.  The appraisal team was heart-warmed by the mutual respect displayed by each team member.  All ideas were listened to positively, accepted, genuinely appreciated and incorporated into the skit.  Much like each slide adds to a whole presentation, each team member added unique skills to build a whole team.

Seg Net, Enfield, #130-81800

In their ten years together, this team has competed in every type of challenge. This year, they paid tribute to each challenge in their final performance. Each team member was a character whose name or role was one of the 2013 DI Challenges. When one team member moved away, they formed a sponsor team in order to continue to compete together in this their final year. This team preserved their friendship and camaraderie to finish out a ten-year tradition of shared competition, truly fulfilling the spirit of DI…