Regional 2012: Sanborn RHS, Kingston, NH

Regional Director: Carrie Thompson

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A few announcements!


I hope you’ve been saving those cardboard paper towel/toilet paper tubes!  Drop them off at the Velcro room on Saturday morning; we’ll be using them for the Velcro activity in the afternoon!   Buy some marbles and have some aMAZE-ing FUN!


Drop canned goods off at the info table just outside the cafeteria!  Thank you for giving back!


CAKE (step) CAKE (step) CAKE (step)

That’s a CAKE WALKING… (get it?  It would have been better if I could draw in an email, but you get the idea).   Don’t forget to bring cakes for the cakewalk!  Again, thank you for supporting this program; the kids LOVE the cakewalk!


Please bring any spare – USEABLE – soccer balls for the project that one of our Outreach Teams is doing.  Drop any gently used soccer balls off to the Africa Outreach team during the afternoon Project Outreach presentations in the Library!

Saturday is a loooong day.  I did what you’re doing LAST week with my son’s team.  May you get more sleep than I did on Thursday and Friday of last week!

512-7643 is where you can reach me on Meet Day.  I look forward to seeing you all there and to seeing what your teams have cooked up with their amazing creativity!  My favorite part of the meet is getting to see team performances and meeting your team members!  I LOVE THEM!

See you on Saturday.  Let me know if you need anything and I’ll do my best to help you!

–          CT