Regional 2012: Alvirne HS, Hudson, NH

Regional Directors: Wendy Langelier, Kara Swedlow & Dan Whitney.

Hudson Regional Results! (Special Awards Now Posted!)

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Notes About The Hudson Meet (More will be added so scroll please!)

Hello everyone!  Kara, Wendy, and I are really looking forward to working with each of you to get trough these next 8 days together and making next Saturday a tremendous time for all.  We have a few things we need to go over with you and these will be in this note and then a few just for specific groups like Rising Stars! Managers, New Team Managers, and then notes by challenge so that all the information is relevant.

GENERAL INFO FOR THE DAY:[Updated 3-2-2012]
Preliminary Schedule is up on the website!

Opening Ceremonies will begin PROMPTLY at 8:00.  Veterans know that means we will start moving each team into place for Opening Ceremonies by 7:45 and the music and parade will step off at 8:00.  Teams that have TEAM CHALLENGE times at 9:00 – 9:20 will be told they can head out of Opening Ceremonies right after the Oath, which should be completed by 8:20.  We want to be sure they have the proper amount of time for them to prep for their Challenge.  We will be done with Opening Ceremonies by 8:40 and sending everyone out at that point.

There is limited room at this facility as there is at any facility – DO NOT BRING YOUR PROPS/SCENERY INTO THE BUILDING MORE THAN 60 minutes before your team’s performance. The longer they are inside, the better chance of something happening to them.  If you adhere to this rule, then it will be a smoother day for everyone.  the more traffic there is for such items, the harder it is for everyone to maneuver.

It is my hope to have everyone who does not have to be there for the “Going on to States” meeting on their way out of the building by 5:45 to 6:00.

Food at the meet: NH-DI has the concession for Pizza, Water, & Soda.  There will be a couple of other options which I will write about later only because I do not have them in front of me at this moment.

We are trying something a little different this year: There will be notes with attachments posted by tomorrow night under the HUDSON MEET area of the Website.  It is just a brief point or two for you depending on your challenge.  Please read the one that contains the name of you challenge.  I also have a longer note for the NEW MANAGERS.  It might be of some value for the Veterans as well but is designed for folks who have not been with us before.

We will have not only the WORLD FAMOUS CAKEWALK, but also TUBES AND DOTS FOR LOTS OF FUN at our meets.  Please start saving your Paper Towel Rolls and Toilet Paper Rolls, too!  We are going to have a room (for a small donation) to have kids go into to create, devise, blow of steam, refocus, while building a INCREDIBLE CONTRAPTION to get a marble from one end of the room to the other through the rolls without touching it once they get it going.  Speaking of the CAKEWALK, don’t forget to bring your cakes that day.  For those of you who do not know about it, more in the NEW MANAGERS NOTE.

About 8 Managers HAVE NO PERSON in the system as their 2-hour volunteer for the meet.  The meet can not function without those volunteers.  If no one is named, that means it falls to you.  If you forgot to name someone please send the name into the system and also send it to Kara and me so we can put it into our Volunteer Schedule (the link for the schedule is at the top of this page).

We have a canned food drive that day for a local food pantry.  It is part of our way of giving back to those who are so kind as to host us in their community.  Please tell the kids as well and any non-perishable goods, toiletries, or personal hygiene items will be greatly appreciated.

Again, there will be specific notes by Challenge (below) as well as notes for NEW MANAGERS, RISING STARS MANAGERS, & MANAGERS WITH SENIORS ON THEIR TEAMS on the site by tomorrow night.  Please give them a quick look over and respond as necessary.

OK, one last thing for now: I would feel remiss if I did not add this point, and you regulars know what it is, I would feel like I was not doing my job: As I finish typing this, there are 7 days and 16 hours until we begin Opening Ceremonies!

Thanks and let’s get ready to have a great day TOGETHER!!

Kara, Wendy, & Dan


Specific Challenge Notes (And Other Information) [updated 3-2-2012]


FIRST 2012 HOLD IT! Hudson Tournament

Just a couple of simple points so far:
  •  This Challenge will take place in the GYM.
  • The WEIGH IN ROOM will be open until 10:00 AM for your structures.  So make sure to allocate enough time for your structure to get weighted and also for you to make any adjustments you might need to make that day.      

FIRST 2012 News to Me Note HUDSON Tournament

No particular notes so far.

FIRST 2012 Coming Attractions Note HUDSON Tournament

 Just a couple of simple points so far:

  • There will be TWO ROOMS for this challenge – One with Elementary Teams and one for the Middle & High School teams.
  • They will be down the hall from each other.  Please be respectful while waiting in the hallways as the teams inside the rooms deserve the same quality performance situation that your team deserves.


FIRST 2012 Rising Stars!: Built To Last Note HUDSON Tournament

There are a few points we are sure of right now:

  • There will be TWO Different performance venues for this challenge. Please check the schedule to see which room you are performing in that day.    There will be signs to guide you there.  All of your teams will perform their Team Challenge Solution (Performance) somewhere between 9:30 and about 1:00 PM.  As soon as the performance is over and the Appraisers have talked with the team and people have taken the pictures and all, the team will go directly for their Instant Challenge in the next room.

PLEASE NOTE:  Unlike in the competitive divisions, all of their family, friends, and fans can come down and watch them do their Instant Challenge together.  Once their Instant Challenge is complete, they are officially done for the day.

Opening Ceremonies will start at 8:00.  We have the Parade of Teams then a few items we take care of during opening, one of which can involve your teams.  When we do the DI Oath, we first ask the Graduating Seniors to come up to the front of the room.  We then ask the Rising Stars teams (of which there are 17 at our meet this year) to come up as well and help lead the crowd in the Oath.  You are encouraged to come up with them if you think it will make them more comfortable or send them up – whatever you think will work better for them.  I will want to know if they will be there for opening just so I can set up the logistics because I need to A) know how much room I will need up front as it is drastically different to leave room for 50 kids or 100 kids and B) I then can know how adults to have near the front to help get them up there and get them back.

We want to make sure it is a special day for your teams and we can’t wait to see them there as they enjoy our Festival of Creativity at the tournament.