2011 NH-DI Plymouth Regional Tournament


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Thank you Everyone!!!

New Hampshire Destination Imagination sends a big thank you to the teams, parents, officials, and PSU staff for making the Plymouth regional a resounding success! Congratulations to all the teams heading to the State tournament on April 2nd, 2011 at Nashua HS North.

Please take a few moments and answer a brief survey on your experience at Plymouth State University.

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Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snowdate: Sunday, March 20, 2011

Location: Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH

Latest schedule – Rev 3

Latest Volunteer Schedule – Rev 2

Campus and Performance Mini-Map

Campus Map

Tournament Overview

Schedule, Cake, and Volunteers

How To Watch A Destination ImagiNation Challenge (2011)

On your mark, get set, DI!

A little more than a day away from the BEST Plymouth Regional EVER! And the weather forecast keeps getting better!!!!

What you need to know for Friday and Saturday

Friday Setup

Spring break starts at 3:20PM, so our setup starts at 4PM. We hope to be done by 7PM Friday night.
If you are helping setup on Friday, the command center is in the Appraiser lounge, also known as the Union Grille in the Hartman Union Building (HUB). At some point we will order pizza for dinner.

Team Managers – Call your 2 hour volunteer and make sure they know when to show up and where to check in (See below)

Saturday – Tournament Day

Buildings open at 7AM.

Appraiser – Check-in is in the Appraiser Lounge(Union Grill) in the HUB starting at 7:15AM. Appraiser meetings start at 7:30AM

Two Hour Volunteers – Check in is at the Info Table at the main entrance, first floor of the HUB. Check in 10 minutes before your shift starts to make sure you are there in time.

Team Managers – Team check-in is in the PE Center. Do not go to the HUB yet., After opening ceremonies, Check in at your challenge site. When dropping off props at the HUB for Unidentified Moving Object, Spinning a Tale, and Verses! Foiled Again, you can drive your car down the emergency access road behind the HUB. This is being opened especially for us. It is a fire and emergency access road. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED. Your team will receive a mandatory score deduction and you vehicle may be towed!

Teams, Family, and Friends – Go to the PE Center for opening ceremonies. Banner Parade lineup starts at 7:45 AM. Opening starts no later than 8:15AM and earlier if we can manage it.

After Opening ceremonies is over, hopefully by 9AM, everyone leaves the PE Center and heads to campus. The PE Center will not be open during the day! Leave nothing behind!!! If you are not performing between 9:30 and 10:30 AM walk to your cars slowly. Let the early teams get to campus first.

Deliver the cakes for cakewalk to Prospect Dining Hall after 9AM. The Dining hall is open for lunch from 11AM till 3PM. Food service stops at 3PM but the building will be open until about 4PM.

In the afternoon, hang out in the dining hall and the HUB. Do not go back to the PE Center until an announcement is made in the HUB that it is time. If everything goes smoothly, this will be after 4:30PM and hopefully by 5PM.

We will have activities to help fill the time until the PE center re-opens in the HUB. Concessions, Shape-lets, Games in the Courtroom, and more.

Once everyone has had time to get back to the PE Center, closing ceremonies will start. Please stay to the end of the awards ceremonies. Special Awards will be awarded last, after all the regular scores are done. Score posting and the Going On To States meeting will be held downstairs in the PE Center after closing.

Thanks to everyone who has, is, and will help make this regional a success.


Things to Remember

The day starts with the banner parade of teams. Teams are grouped by school or organization and are announced when they enter the gym.

Each school needs a banner to lead the way. You only need one banner per school, not one per team. Make sure that someone remembers to bring the banner. If you don’t have one, Instant Challenge Time! With a sheet and some markers, how fancy can you get?


Life is full of challenges, trials, and tribulations. But life is harder when you’re hungry. There are many people in NH, that go hungry. Please bring a canned good (or three) with you to the tournament to donate to those who are less fortunate. Drop your can’s off at the info table in the Hartman Union Building (HUB) anytime during the day.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Schedule, Cake, and Volunteers

The initial schedule is out. Click here to see it. Make sure you check the printed schedule the day of the tournament. That is the ONLY official schedule.

Team Managers. If you haven’t entered your two hour volunteer information on the online site yet, please do so immediately. The volunteer schedule will be put together soon. You do not want your team penalized for lack of a volunteer.

Team manager check-in will be at the PE Center before opening ceremonies and at the information table in the Hartman Union Building (HUB) after that.

Appraiser check-in will be in the HUB before opening ceremonies.

Don’t forget to bring a cake or other tasty pastry for the cake walk. Deliver cakes to the Prospect Dining hall, Room 115.

Make your own silly bands

Remember the duct tape room from last year? Well, that’s last year. This year we have the silly bands room. For only $1.00 per band you can design and make your own wacky shapelet and wear it home.

A New and Different Tournament

This year our northern meet has an exciting new location: Plymouth State University, Plymouth NH. Click here for directions on how to get there. A map of the PSU campus showing what buildings we will be using can be found here.

Opening and Closing

Holding a regional tournament on a college campus is very different from our usual high school venue. There are a number of things that will be done differently from what we’ve done in the past. One major change is that Opening and Closing ceremonies will be held in the Physical Education (PE) center. The PE center is not near the challenge sites. This means that everyone will park at the PE center for team registration and opening ceremonies. After opening ceremonies is over everyone will drive to the main campus and the PE center will be closed for the day. When it’s time for closing ceremonies, everyone will drive back to the PE center. Extra time will be added to to allow folks to drive back and forth but there are a few things everyone can do to help make things go smoothly.

  1. Carpool to the meet – Try to minimize the number of cars at the university. It will be good for the environment and for the schedule.
  2. Don’t rush out at the end of opening ceremonies if you team doesn’t perform for a while. Let the teams performing first leave first. It will make things smoother for all.
  3. Try carpooling from the PE center to the main Campus. This will cut down on the traffic during the day and especially at the end of the day.
  4. There will be a places to hang out on campus as things wind down in the afternoon. When the announcement is made that the PE center is open again. it’s time to start back for closing ceremonies. Don’t rush. The PE Center is not going anywhere.

Food and Drink

Another big difference is that PSU will be opening their student dining hall and providing food and drink during the day. Lunch will be an all you can eat college experience. And unlike the usual pizza and soda, there will be more choice available. The menu includes:

  • Cheese Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Hot Dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • French Fries
  • Salad Bar
  • Fountain Soda drink

Lunch will cost $7.00 per person for all you can eat. When you enter the lunch line and pay, you’ll receive a hand stamp that will let you leave the dining hall and return without having to pay a second time. Please do not bring lunch! It is important to the success of the tournament that you use the dining facilities. The dining hall will be open from about 10:30AM to about 3:00PM. Unfortunately, there will also be no team concessions.


This is a university campus. It is used by (mostly) grups (grownups). So you need to be more careful, especially with our shorter team members and visitors. The dining hall and the Union building where many of the challenges are being held are separated by High Street. This is the road people will take driving between the PE Center and the main campus parking lots. If you’re driving, drive slowly!. If you’re crossing the street, Look both ways!

What do I want to do when I grow up?

Here is a perfect opportunity to look around a university campus and to get a feeling for what college life is like. Whether you’re a rising star with a few years to think about it, or a high school senior who still has some applications to finish quickly, make sure you enjoy your day at college.

What’s next?

As you can imagine, having to change the regional location late in the season has resulted in a lot of scrambling. Challenge sites are still being finalized but should be finished in the next week or two. I will be sending out an email to Membership Coordinators and Team Managers, looking for volunteers to help with the tournament.

I will be sending out the list of jobs later and asking for 3 options for each team.  One of the larger issues is it would be good to have a few more people around on Friday Night doing set-up.  If this is a possibility, please let me know.  It often falls to the same people each time, and spreading this around more would be better for all. This is especially important since we have a completely new layout and it’s farther north than usual

If you have a High School team, please let me know how many Seniors you have on the team and of those Seniors, how many have 8+ years with the program.  We will be asking Seniors to come up at Opening to help lead the DI Oath along with our Rising Stars! teams. This year, we will have 7 Rising Stars teams.

I hope to have the preliminary schedule out by the end of the month. Sooner if things start falling into place.  Please send along any notes regarding siblings, coaches with multiple teams as soon as you can.  It is far easier to plan the tournament starting with this information, rather than trying to shuffle and reshuffle the schedule after the fact.

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