Creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills are at a premium in the evolving future of work. Saturday, 51 student teams competed at Bedford (NH) High School demonstrating those skills in solving STEAM-based Challenges: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Service Learning. 27 of those teams have qualified to advance and represent New Hampshire at Destination Imagination Global Finals.  

This past fall, over 100 teams in grades K-12 started to solve their Challenges and in the process, build unique critical thinking and teamwork skills. Over the past two weeks, these teams competed at N.H. regional tournaments to advance to the State Finals tournament. 

PHOTOS of this event are still be adding and are here. 

Award Photos are here.

Teams qualified for Global Finals are here.

RESULTS of this event are below.

All solutions, regardless of complexity, must be solved only by team members. Students second grade and younger learn the same skills in a non-competitive early learning program. 

Special awards were presented including a DaVinci Award to Bow High School, Secondary Level for “unique approach to a solution, for risk taking, and/or for outstanding creativity.” [photo]

Personal achievement awards for use to post-secondary education were presented to Martin Cardine, MC2 School in Keene; Gabriella Forrence, Milford High School; Ella Weinmann, Jaffrey-Rindge; and Samantha Shone, Pinkerton Academy. [photo].

The non-profit New Hampshire Destination Imagination program is offered in schools throughout the state. Globally, over 150,000 students in over 30 countries and virtually every state and Canadian province participate in the program. In all, “D.I.” has 1.5 million alumni who were on teams when they were in school. This includes about 120,000 New Hampshire alumni, many of whom return to volunteer to the program that made such an impact on them.

Global Finals is a multi-day competition and celebration of creativity. Teams around the world solve the same challenges and, as happens in New Hampshire, compete at their age level and in their selected Challenge.

2023 NH Affiliate State Finals Results

The following teams have qualified to advance to Destination Imagination Global Finals in Kansas City, MO, May 20-23,2023.

They are listed by the Challenge and age group in which they competed:

EL= Elementary Level; ML = Middle School Level;  SL=Secondary School Level

Piece By Piece – Technical Challenge

Level Place Organization Team Name Team #
EL 1 Bedford DI – Riddle Brook School Team Illusionists 130-87226
EL 2 Moharimet School Tiger Lilies 130-35103
SL 1 Pinkerton Academy Chaos Crew 130-03967
SL 2 MC2 school (Keene) What 130-05086

Far-Fetched – Scientific Challenge

Level Place Organization Team Name Team #
EL 1 Bow Elementary School Flaming Foxes 130-97857
EL 2 Grantham Village School The Mythbusting Alpacas 130-63938
ML 1 Windham DI Dragons 130-28804
SL 1 Milford DI Essential Lurkers 130-18831
SL 2 Milford DI Twisted Wizards 130-92904

Flip The Script – Fine Arts Challenge


Level Place Organization Team Name Team #
EL 1 Inter-Lakes (Meredith) Blobfish Heroes of Asparagus 130-17993
EL 2 Grantham Village School The New Hampsters 130-64591
ML 1 Bedford DI – Lurgio Middle School DI-ream House 130-11290
ML 2 Indian River School (Canaan) TIME of your life 130-28761
SL 1 Hooksett Vengeance 130-25782
SL 2 Bow High School We’re All Mad Here 130-48933


Showdown – Improvisation Challenge

Level Place Organization Team Name Team #
ML 1 Milford DI Hey, Siri 130-16085
ML 2 Windham Center School Purple Blue Hippos 130-23095
SL 1 Jaffrey-Rindge School District Improvables 130-70927
SL 2 Bedford DI – Bedford High School MindBlowers 130-17278

Thrill Ride Engineering Challenge

Level Place Organization Team Name Team #
EL 1 Auburn Village School The Auburn Animals 130-52677
EL 2 SAU8 (Concord) MC (Master Crafters) 130-69073
ML 1 St. Joseph Regional School (Keene) Big Holy Bread 130-08114
ML 2 Warren Village School Sandy Cheeks 130-02551
SL 1 Manchester Memorial High School Memorial’s Destin. to Imagin. 130-08167

High Stakes – Service Learning Challenge

Level Place Organization Team Name Team #
EL 1 Bedford DI – McKelvie Intermediate School Bedford Rockstars 130-93580
ML 1 Oyster River MIddle School The Rats 130-36181
ML 2 Thornton Central School Creative Kringles 130-60310

Special Awards 

DaVinci Award

This award is given for having a unique approach to a solution, for risk taking, and/or for outstanding creativity.

 Bow High School, SL, We’re All Mad Here, 130-48933

The team captured the appraisers’ attention with a different perspective on the story used in their solution. The effect was used throughout the performance to help explain the sudden appearance of the Cheshire Cat.

(Note: The award description was shortened as not to share the team’s solution prior to Global Finals)


About NH-DI and NHICC

The New Hampshire Innovation and Creativity Connection (NHICC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes teamwork, creative problem solving, and innovation in New Hampshire. NHICC works with students ranging from preschool to college and sponsors programs such as New Hampshire Destination Imagination® (NH-DI) to help young people in New Hampshire become future leaders and innovators. NHICC administers the Destination Imagination program in New Hampshire. NHICC also operates one of the oldest creativity summer camps in the country, Camp Gottalikachallenge.

Destination Imagination (DI)’s mission is to inspire and equip youth to imagine and innovate through the creative process. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Destination Imagination Challenge Program extends to over 150,000 students in 30 countries and nearly every U.S. state each year.