NH Student Teams Advance to Global Academic Competition

 Contact: Wayne Kurtzman, wayne@nh-di.org.

Creativity, collaboration and problem solving are at a premium this year – and part of the future of work. Fortunately, there is an academic program that builds and rewards those skills and blends them with Challenges based in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). This year, New Hampshire Destination Imagination teams solved their annual team challenges remotely. Teams advancing to compete with teams from around the world at the Destination Imagination Global Finals virtual competition were announced on Sunday in a remote webcast.

The additional challenges of the pandemic made creating and solving complex solutions even more challenging for teams this year, testing their creativity, tenacity and flexibility. It also enabled the use of other, innovative ways of solving the challenges that were not available when competing in a school environment.

This year, the independent non-profit affiliates in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania collaborated to create a multistate infrastructure to run the event, from sharing information to connecting remote volunteer Appraisers who adjudicated the teams solutions. The platform also featured the closing ceremony event, where the scoring results were shared with the teams across the regions.

Closing Ceremonies also featured a segment on Destination Imagination Alumni: The 1.8-million adults who were on teams as students, and work everywhere, from NASA and the State Department to technology, the arts, schools and beyond.

Destination Imagination Global Finals, in normal years, attracts over 1,000 Destination Imagination teams from over 17 countries to meet and compete. This year, although the event will be remote, it will still provide unique educational experiences that are uniquely “D.I.”. Global Finals will be held in June, with special events and awards in July.

Teams shown below in bold type have qualified for Destination Imagination Global Finals 2021. The first, second, and third place teams are indicated below, with any remaining teams listed in alphabetical order.

Technical: The Next Level

The Next Level, Elementary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Mustang Bandits, Abbot Downing School Concord 130-63895
2 The Magical Pizzas, Hooksett Memorial School Hooksett 130-91740
3 The Lil Gucci Gamer Warthogs, Bedford DI Bedford 130-86264
Code Orange and Blue, Jaffrey Grade School Jaffrey 130-76522
Rapida Great White Sharks, Bedford DI Bedford 130-25826

The Next Level, Middle Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G 365 Days of Cool, Grantham Grantham 130-30418
2G The Pixel Chickens, St. Joseph Regional School Keene 130-40352
3 Thornton Central School Plymouth 130-53058
Berlin Schools Berlin 130-15903
Merrimack Valley School District Penacook 130-53848
Ruined Onion Rings, Jaffrey Rindge Middle School Jaffrey 130-98961
Sniffing Birds, Bedford DI Bedford 130-39200

Scientific: In Theory

In Theory, Elementary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Dream Team, Bedford DI Bedford 130-41397

In Theory, Middle Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G The Awesomely Original Team Name, Windham Middle School Windham, NH 130-05810

In Theory, Secondary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Private Eyes of DI, Hollis Brookline HS Hollis, NH 130-63245
2G ∞, Goffstown High School Goffstown 130-69486
3 Essential Lurkers, Milford NH Milford 130-01167
Bad Hair Day, Berlin Schools Berlin 130-03175
Just A Theory, Bow High School Bow High School 130-30330
The Space Sheep, Keene High School Keene 130-95039

Fine Arts: Epic Remix

Epic Remix, Elementary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Cornerstone School Stratham 130-30255

Epic Remix, Middle Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Choc, Chip, & Cookie, Bow Memorial School Bow 130-38307
2T Socially DI-stant Quaranteam, Bedford DI Bedford 130-12670
2T Little Beez, Bedford DI Bedford, NH 130-82387
3 Two Royal Cats, Windham Center School Windham 130-14557
Thornton Central School Plymouth 130-45548

Epic Remix, Secondary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Procrastimasters Sunapee 130-75297</TD
2G Motley-minded Dewberries, Conant High School Jaffrey 130-21211
3 Griffin’s Grinches, Berlin Schools Berlin 130-61129

Improvisational: Case Closed

Case Closed, Elementary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G VIBE Team, Golden Brook School Windham 130-11575
2 The Detective Christmas Hawks, St. Joseph Regional School Keene 130-65104

Case Closed, Middle Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Feeble People of Cold Cut Kingdo, Windham Middle School Windham NH 130-13078

Case Closed, Secondary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Sit Down Comedians, Bedford DI Bedford 130-59638
2G What’s the Deal with Teal SEALS?, Nashua School District Nashua 130-96523
3 MindBlowers, Bedford DI Bedford 130-90197

Engineering: Built To Last

Built To Last, Elementary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Cornerstone School Stratham 130-26215

Built To Last, Middle Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Twisted Wizards, Milford NH DI Milford 130-01013
2 The Floaters, Bow Memorial School Bow 130-57088
3 Auburn Village School Auburn 130-03879

Built To Last, Secondary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Monadnock Regional High School Swanzey 130-38499

Service Learning: Project Podcast

Project Podcast, Secondary Level

Place Team Name Town Number
1G Sunapee Middle High School Sunapee 130-56702

Special Awards

There was one special award at the NH-DI 2021 Affiliate Tournament.

Fine Arts, Secondary Level – Renaissance Award

The Renaissance Award recognizes those who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance.

Team 130-75297: Procrastimasters, Sunapee, NH

This dynamic duo brought their chosen novel to life with exquisite craftsmanship. Sybil’s hand- sewn corset and gown was a cut above with beautifully seamed boning. Created without a pattern, this classical dress, looked store (or prom!) ready. The 3-D life-sized portrait took perspective to the next level with a series of visual tricks to layer objects into the Picture of Dorian Gray. Our appraising team was blown away by the detail and execution shown by this team.


About NHICC and New Hampshire Destination Imagination

New Hampshire Innovation and Creativity Connection (NHICC) is the 501(c)3 non-profit that administers the New Hampshire Destination Imagination (NH-DI) program, during normal years, for over 1,000 Granite State students from over 100 schools and community groups. Destination Imagination builds creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills around STEAM based Challenges.

Teams start in the fall, compete in April to try and advance to Destination Imagination Global Finals, which will be remote in the summer months. Under normal circumstances, each year, over 1,000 people volunteer to help us run DI in New Hampshire. Many of these volunteers are among our 120,000 New Hampshire alumni – those who have been on teams when they were in school.

NHICC also runs one of the oldest STEAM summer camps in the nation, Camp Gottalikachallenge (campgottalikachallenge.org).

Globally, Destination Imagination has 1.8-million alumni, 150,000 annual participants in 48 states and 30 countries.