We hope you are looking forward to another fun-filled NH-DI season! The ongoing pandemic has meant lots of changes, and here’s where we are right now…

Destination Imagination is modifying the challenges for the 2020-2021 season to allow for safe, regular, remote interaction with peers, while continuing to offer fun and creativity. Most of the Team Challenges will be released on November 1 (with two more on December 1). Until that time, registered Team Managers can access newly developed activities to engage students, begin team-building, and get the pre-season DI fun going! You’ll find the details in this announcement on the Destination Imagination website.

NH-DI is already developing training for Team Managers to provide guidance in how to best manage remote team meetings, and help their teams have a successful DI season. We’re also working on training for team members (yes – Dive In will be offered remotely!) and, of course, training for new Team Managers. Our Education and Training Committee has been working hard to gather the tools we’ll all need to do our best in the new world we are in.

Tournament season for 2020-2021 will look a bit different. Challenge solutions will be submitted digitally for our (remotely trained) Appraisers to view. There will be fun celebrations of creativity – remote if necessary, live if it is possible to safely do so. Instant Challenge will be in person if possible, otherwise remote challenges will be available.