Guest post from alumna Natalie Bronfine.
Hi everyone! As we are nearing August, I know so much of the NH-DI family is missing the best week of the summer: Camp Gottalikachallenge. Trust me, I do too. Whether it’s day camp or overnight, Gotta Camp is so many of our’s favorite place in the world. Solving challenges, finding goofy ways to be creative, making friends, singing songs, or eating cookies, I know this is a week we’ll be sad to miss this summer.

As a camp alum and now Gotta Coach, I have been super excited to be involved in our new effort to make this summer a little more zany over on our social media (@campgottalikachallenge on Instagram). Every week, we post a “Gotta Try It”, or a quick, 5 minute camp activity from one of your favorite counselors. Learn new painting techniques, how to juggle, some martial arts, or some fun ways to reuse things around your house, all on our Instagram. This has been an amazing way to not only connect with our camp family, but to make Gotta Camp a part of your weekly routine, and reach new creatives who may not know what we’re about. As we’re nearing the weeks where we would’ve been at camp, there will be more and more on our social media, so stay tuned to join the fun (Joke! Of! The! Day! Anyone?).

So, if you’ve already tie dyed everything in your closet, spent too much time on TikTok, watched (and finished) 5 new shows, and baked everything you possibly could’ve, head on over to @campgottalikachallenge and maybe you’ll feel your camp self reemerge this summer, all from the safety of your own home.