Shortly after 6:00pm on Friday, September 21, our Internet Service Provider encountered a serious problem that corrupted the file systems on all of the web and email servers that they operate. This brought down the NH-DI website, along with those of thousands of other customers.
It also took down our email system. Email messages sent to or could not be delivered, so if you sent us email over the weekend, you will probably need to resend your message.

On Monday morning, we were able to put a temporary fix in place, which allowed some of the messages to addresses to be delivered. However, if you sent a message to one of these addresses but never heard back from us, it probably didn’t reach the intended recipient.

Our ISP is a small company in Indiana with a stellar track record, and they’ve been working around the clock to get everyone back online. The problem was caused by a series of unlikely events, and our ISP has already taken corrective actions that should prevent this from happening again.

Our website is now up again. Email delivery should begin to work shortly, but unfortunately there will be a delay in the resumption of message forwarding to some recipients. We need to reconfigure our DNS configuration to get this working again, and unfortunately our DNS registrar (Namecheap) began a migration of our domain to a new registry earlier today, and DNS changes have been shut down until that process is completed.

9:05 PM update: We were able to update our DNS configuration, so email forwarding should begin to work again as soon as the changes propagate throughout the Internet. This should happen within the next few hours (and possibly more quickly).