20170107divein-1021Over 300 students from around New Hampshire built creativity, collaboration, critical-thinking and problem solving skills at Southern New Hampshire University on Saturday as part of New Hampshire Destination Imagination’s DIve In! team member training. In addition to the courses, including microcontrollers, stage and color, presentation and improvisation skills, several key announcements were made:

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  • After 30 years, the NH-DI Gnome, often called NHICC, has had a major makeover.old2new
    Driven by feedback from our alumni, volunteers, team members and the SNHU Marketing Degree
    in Three students, our iconic gnome looks better than ever! The NH-DI gnome has appeared at mascot days at ski areas, New Hampshire Fisher Cat games, parades around the state and 30 years of creative problem-solving competitions that highlight STEAM-based solutions.
  • A new NH-DI Store will be opening shortly with new apparel and other items reflecting the new NH-DI look. Partnering with New Hampshire-based BrandIt is allowing us to offer items, some customizable and ship them right to your door!
  •  Pins! If you’ve been to Destination Imagination Global Finals, then you know it is how DI team members often “break the ice.” We’re developing new pins for Global Finals AND in state! We are starting by announcing our gnomoji pins!20170107-gnomoji2 20170107-gnomoji1
  • NH-DI is teaming up with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (AA, Toronto Blue Jays) in Manchester to provide a fundraiser for teams and create the largest Instant Challenge EVER attempted. Details are in the NH-DI Library.
  • Camp Gottalikachallenge registration will open this week! Heading into our 25th year of creativity and STEAM problem solving along one of New Hampshire’s lakes, “Gotta Camp” is the perfect end to summer!