201612new-sessions-at-diveinWe are excited to share that the NH-DI team member training, DIve In! will feature a number of brand new sessions that will give you new skills that can add a “wow” to your team’s solution. As last year, there will be morning and afternoon sessions. Among the new workshops being offered this year are:

  • Improv: Tools, Tips, & Tricks:Learn some helpful principles of improvisation along with ways to improve your teamwork, creativity, and fast paced critical thinking skills.
  • Micro-Controllers Made Easy: Have you ever wanted to learn how to control parts of your DI solution using a computer? This session will get you started with the basics of using programmable micro-controllers to do just that!
  • The World’s A Stage: An introduction to the techniques of stage presence and how to make your performance exciting! Students will learn all about how to “work the stage”.
  • Pigment of Your Imagination: Come learn about the properties of light, how colors interact, and the impact that colors have on our world!
  • From Rubbish To Riches: What is more valuable to a DI Team than gold? Cool junk, of course! Upcycle, repurpose, reuse – take recyclables from trash to WOW!
  • Structural Integrity: “Build” on your structure skills, both IC and central. Follow it up with some hands-on practice of your new structure-building knowledge!
  • Bust A Move: You don’t need high-tech gadgets to make a move! We’ll share techniques that can be easily modified to create motion in different ways.

All teams will also have Instant Challenge skills and tips sessions.

Shhh: There will be four major announcements that day as well!