2016116icomb_is_divein1For years, team members from around New Hampshire gather in early January for THEIR training. DIve IN, formerly Instant Combustion, is now a whole new group of workshops to build your Instant Challenge skills AND specific skills that you want your team to have. Go to the sessions as a team or split up!

  • Each team will participate in an Instant Challenge workshop that will be differentiated based on experience.
  • Teams will also have the opportunity to choose TWO other Skills Workshops from a variety of offerings.
  • Team Managers: Don’t miss a SPECIAL session with your Affiliate Challenge Master on understanding your team’s Challenge. (These are the New Hampshire people who are responsible for the Challenge Appraisers! They KNOW!).
  • We will also have a special session for Rising Stars! teams.

It will be held at the main campus of our Innovation Sponsor, Southern New Hampshire University, 2500 North River Road, Manchester NH.

Click for more information and registration dates!