Destination Imagination Regional Tournaments Saturday in Goffstown, N. Sutton; Top Teams to Advance
Final week of Regional Competition is Saturday, Builds to State Finals; Global Finals

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gnome_facing_logoWhen creativity, collaboration and problem solving are used to solve open-ended challenges based in technology, science, structure, the arts, improvisation, or service learning, it must be time for Destination Imagination tournaments. This Saturday, 85 student teams from 21 communities  will compete at Goffstown High School, and an additional 76 teams from 26 communities will compete at Kearsarge Regional Middle School, , North Sutton, NH.

Over 1100 students will be competing between the two venues.

Each team is trying to advance in their team-selected Challenge and age bracket to compete at NH Destination Imagination State Finals. Top scoring teams from “states” will advance to compete against top teams from 48 states and 15 countries at Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, TN in May.

While our teams compete, they will be part of over 200,000 students around the globe competing in similar competitions.

“DI” enables students to develop 21st century skills: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship and confidence that build on their unique strengths. “DI” is unique in that these solutions must be fully solved and created by the team members alone. Team Members have fun and gain confidence in their ability to solve any challenge and learn lifelong skills regardless of which field of study they ultimately choose.

Last weekend,  teams also competed at regional competition in Plymouth and Kingston.

The 501(c)3 non-profit NHICC administers the New Hampshire Destination Imagination program for nearly 3,000 Granite State students from over 200 schools and community groups. They also run Camp Gottalikachallenge, one of the nation’s oldest creativity summer camps.

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Teams competing in Goffstown come from the following schools and organizations:
(Number of teams to the right)

Organization # of Teams Notes
Academy for Science and Design 4
Amherst DI 3
Bedford DI 20
Elm Street middle school 1
Gate City Charter School For the Arts 1
Goffstown High School 1
Hollis Destination Imagination 5
Hollis DI 1
Hollis Montessori School 1
Hollis/Brookline DI 1
Hollis-Brookline DI 1
Londonderry D.I. 1 Other L’dry teams competed last week
Maple Avenue Elementary School 5
Merrimack DI 8
Milford Destination Imagination 4
Milford DI 10
Mountain View Middle School 6
Nashua HS SOUTH 1
Nashua north 1
Nashua School District 9
New Boston Central School 1


Teams competing in North Sutton come from the following schools and organizations:
(Number of teams to the right)

Organization # of teams
Bow Elementary School 2
Bow Extracurricular Enrichment Program 1
Bow Memorial School 4
Bow School District 2
Chesterfield School 6
Concord Christian Academy 2
Gear Up Homeschoolers 4
Grantham Village School 1
Highbridge Hill Elementary 4
Hillsboro Deering School District 2
Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative School District 9
James Faulkner Elementry 2
Keene High School 1
Keene Middle School 2
Mason Elementary School 1
Monadnock Regional HS 4
Monadnock Regional School District 4
Mt. Caesar School 1
Saint Joseph Regional School 8
Southern New Hampshire University 1
Sunapee Central Elementary School 4
Sunapee Middle High School 2
Wilton Independent 1