Anna MaenhoutI am beyond excited to join the NHICC Family! After having attended the recent Instant Combustion workshop, I am even more so! I had the pleasure of meeting so many people from students, parents, alumni to long-time volunteers. I want to thank everyone who took the time to share their experiences. The reoccurring theme throughout was the passion and commitment to the Destination Imagination program and the rewards of participation. I am honored to be part of this very special community.

In the coming months​,​ in addition to working hard to ensure a successful 2016 Destination Imagination season, we will focus on identifying ways in which we can broaden the reach of Destination Imagination to an even greater number of deserving children. We will be looking at new opportunities to fuel the creative process—new programs or tools we might want to consider adopting as part of our family of programs. We don’t want to do this without your input! We want the whole community involved in how we grow to ensure we continue to provide a quality experience that matters for all of our NH children. Rest assured, you will be hearing a lot more about these efforts soon.

For now, back to the present! At this time of year, many of you are in the thick of things with your teams and getting ready for your upcoming regional tournament. Maybe a few extra gray hairs and a bit less sleep…but all worth it in the end! ☺ I wish all our amazing volunteers and teams the very best and I look forward to attending our upcoming regional events and getting to meet more and more of you.

With great respect,